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2/20/2024 4:15:55 PM

From Airport to Cemetery: How to Live Successfully in Our Adopted Homeland

I used to say, "A suitcase is the greatest equalizer of immigrants."

We all arrived in Canada with only two suitcases. Regardless of our social, political, military, or even financial and educational status in our homeland, we arrived to start a new life.

In September 1981, my wife, our 3-year-old girl, and I arrived at Vancouver International Airport en route to Regina, Saskatchewan. We traveled thousands of miles from Manila, Philippines ...

2/12/2024 11:05:43 PM

A Church Story: Living in Deep Community as Disciples of Jesus

At Outreach Canada, we love to share stories, and today we are excited to share this story from a church in Canada: South Delta Baptist Church in Delta, British Columbia. 

Paul Park, the Lead Pastor at South Delta Baptist Church, is spearheading a growing Korean language speaking congregation within SDBC. Pastor Park's bilingual skills and passion for making disciples are the catalyst for uniting all who attend to engage and support this multilingual staff and congregation.

We are excited to share this story from this Canadian church - as it touches on key themes that are core to Outreach Canada: disciple-making; innovation in ministry; and Diaspora in Canada. 

2/5/2024 3:41:52 PM

5 Prayer Points for Lunar New Year

Every year, an estimated 2 billion people around the world celebrate Lunar New Year, which marks the beginning of the new year according to the lunar calendar. This year Lunar New Year falls on February 10, 2024. Here are 5 prayer points for the Lunar New Year Celebration ...

1/31/2024 2:17:00 AM

Lunar New Year: How Should Christians Celebrate

How should faith impact our celebrations of Lunar New Year as followers of Jesus? Alfred Chui expands on the meaning & traditions of Lunar New Year and offers perspective on how followers of Jesus should respond…

1/30/2024 4:11:00 PM

10 Ways to Pray for Diaspora in Canada

Diaspora are those people who have dispersed or spread from their original homeland. By that definition, most of us living in Canada are diaspora, but the term is generally used to describe recent migrants, their children, and grandchildren.

People migrate to Canada willingly (for a better future) or unwillingly (to escape calamity). They may have come from a country where there are more churches and Christians than we have in Canada, or they may come from a place where they would never have met a Christian or heard about Jesus Christ.

The diaspora story in Canada is complex and full of opportunity; so let’s pray!

Lament of a Returning Missionary Lament of a Returning Missionary

Loosely based on Psalm 13, here is a prayer of lament of a returning missionary.  How long, L...
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1/22/2024 7:41:00 PM

29 Recommended Prayer Resources for 2024 29 Recommended Prayer Resources for 2024

We are excited to be launching the new year at Outreach Canada with a new blog series on PRAYER. As...
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1/16/2024 9:56:00 PM

5 Ways to Pray for Outreach Canada in 2024 5 Ways to Pray for Outreach Canada in 2024

Standing at the head of the trail that will wend through 2024, we at Outreach Canada can see clearl...
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1/9/2024 4:55:44 PM

Resolution of Delight Resolution of Delight

Have you made a new year’s resolution for 2024? Many of us are afraid to make resolutions beca...
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1/3/2024 5:44:41 PM

OC Directors Blog: The Last One from Craig Kraft OC Director's Blog: The Last One from Craig Kraft

This is the last Director's Blog from Executive Director Craig Kraft, before he transitions to his ...
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12/20/2023 3:44:00 PM

Christmas Memories from Around the World Christmas Memories from Around the World

Watermelon, Handprints and Fireworks ... What do they all have in common? They are all elements of ...
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12/18/2023 5:28:58 PM

Wheres the Peace? Where's the Peace?

No matter where you are from, if you’ve lived in Canada through more than one or two Christmas seas...
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12/6/2023 4:10:23 PM

The Hope of Christmas The Hope of Christmas

I am so grateful for Christmas, for The Hope of Christmas. Not the sugar-coated, Hallmark movie kin...
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12/5/2023 5:11:00 PM

The Journey of Discovery The Journey of Discovery

I don’t like to run. My experience of running is that I’m short of breath, sweaty & hot, and there’...
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12/4/2023 5:24:06 PM

Hope of the Fatherless: The Journey of David Claydon Hope of the Fatherless: The Journey of David Claydon

Sharing from the life story of David Claydon, Sadiri Joy Tira calls the global church to care for t...
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11/27/2023 6:17:28 PM

The Ear of Jesus The Ear of Jesus

Mobilizing God-Made Chaplains into the Workplace! We are familiar with the idea that the Churc...
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11/20/2023 6:06:53 PM

Deeply Rooted Deeply Rooted

We invite you to join us during this season of generosity so that, together, we can give Missionary...
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11/16/2023 7:27:00 PM

The Eternal Benefits of Debriefing The Eternal Benefits of Debriefing

I recently returned from RE-VIEW, a week-long family debriefing retreat, where I served as an adult...
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11/7/2023 8:42:00 PM

A Prayer for the Persecuted Church A Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Canadians experience great freedom of religion compared to so many places in the world. In fact, it...
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11/2/2023 3:16:15 PM

Caring for Wounded Hearts Caring for Wounded Hearts

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed. -Psalm 34:18 (...
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10/31/2023 5:32:00 PM
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