A Stone Named Ebenezer

Created by Lorna Johnston on 11/15/2019 7:23:00 PM

I have this odd habit--I like to collect rocks. I find them fascinating—each one is unique and in its own way, interesting.

I am as likely to come home from a holiday with a rock as I am with some other memento. I have rocks of all types in my home and in my garden, and each of them at the time was marking a particular event or memory (some of which, I confess, are now lost to my memory).

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Transformational Gratitude.

Created by Chris Morris on 11/15/2019 6:39:00 PM

A story years in the making. A Chaplains Story.

Looking a little like Jesus strolling down the path calling out to Zacchaeus, the Chaplain shouted up to Big Ron on his forklift. "Hey there Ron, how're things?"

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OC Reads: One Thousand Gifts

Created by Gordon Carkner on 11/13/2019 10:36:00 AM

OC Reads: Book Recommendations from OC Team Members.

Read Gord Carkner's recommendation for Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are.

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Gratitude in Loss

It is hard to fathom gratitude with loss, particularly with the loss of loved ones.  After the loss of two family members, Jay Randall ponders what he is grateful for in spite of this difficult season.

Diaspora. Diaspor...what?

What is Diaspora? And how should this word affect our lives & ministry?

Find out more about Diaspora, what it means, and what's new at Outreach Canada with what we believe is a very important area of ministry. 

A Song of Gratitude

Psalm 30 is a song of praise, a song of dedication. God gives us life, experiences, and He rescues us from death! And why does He do this? An encouraging story of an MK who attended ReBoot.

3 Gospel Truths to Inspire Gratitude

Here are 3 truths from the gospel that inspire gratitude in me. Even though they may seem simple & straightforward, as I meditate on these ideas, my heart fills with gratitude. My hope is that as you lean into these truths, that your heart will be filled to overflowing.

Choosing Thankfulness

Reframing our situation in light of God's good purposes in the world, helps us be thankful, even when things aren't going 'our way'.

Recently on a family camping weekend, our daughter woke up with a sore throat. Subsequent examination confirmed that it was yet another bout of Strep Throat--the sixth in as any months.While the rest of the family slept in, she and I got in the car and headed to the nearest Emergency Room to get a prescription for antibiotics.

The Prayer of a Student Skeptic

Dear God, Buddha, Allah, Plato, Krishna, Beings from other planets, Jesus, Confucius, Zeus, Ra, the Universe, the Great Principle, etc.

Is anyone out there? Pluralism is confusing. Could you get together, have a chat and send one representative to explain all this? So many worldviews on offer; so many games in town. How do I choose? How can I trust any of you? How do I know what’s true and bogus, aside from all the shouting, the rituals, images, many paths to peace and funny hats?

A Prayer for the Day After the Election

A Prayer for Canada after the Election...

Our gracious and almighty Father, we praise you for your powerful presence in our lives and in our world.  We praise you for your faithfulness through all of time.  We praise you for your relentless pursuit of us as your children and your blessing upon all who follow you. 


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