“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34-35


Making disciples

In the Christian context, a disciple is one who chooses to follow Jesus Christ.

Jesus called his first few disciples, who in turn shared how Jesus had transformed their lives and so even more became disciples. It is through this factor of multiplication that Christianity has grown and spread into every nation of the world. We believe that effective discipleship in our current context is dependent on strong relationships, and over the next few months, we will be featuring a series of blogs on Disciple Making.

Sharing encouraging stories and strategies proving fruitful in Canada, we will suggest some changes in perspective that need to take place for effective discipleship in our culture and context. Hopefully, we will offer opportunities for you to be a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples of Jesus.

8 Disciple-Making Principles
A few years ago, I spent several months reading and re-reading the book of Acts. I was trying to understand how the Church had gone from a handful of people hiding ...
3 Opportunities to Get Involved in Making Disciples
Here are 3 practical opportunities to get involved in making disciples ... ready, set, go!
MAWL: Model, Assist, Watch, Launch
Why did I fail to teach my youngest daughter to ride a bike? Why did I keep failing to make disciples who multiply? Simply, I didn’t use the training cycle of Model...


You can join us!

The work of Outreach Canada Ministries is possible only because of the many individuals, churches and ministries who partner with us. You can be part of mobilizing the Body of Christ to make disciples in Canada and around the world.



Regular updates from our Executive Director, Dr. Craig Kraft.
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Great Things Ahead in 2023
Executive Director, Craig Kraft and Board Chairman, Ray Woodard provide a brief update on the transition process and the exciting year ahead for Outreach Canada as the year begins.

Monthly Day of Prayer & Fasting
Loving Muslims Together Network - Monthly Day of Prayer & Fasting

Serving Leaders. Discipling Nations.

“As a team of Canadian missionaries, we help churches and individual Christians understand our times, our culture, and our context so they can adapt to the changing needs of society while staying true to their commitment to God.”

-Craig Kraft.
Executive Director  


Jesus Christ called people to leave behind empty words and practices, deny themselves and follow His example of love and sacrifice in faith depending on the grace and mercy of God to transform motives, thoughts and actions.

We believe that Jesus is still calling and transforming lives. Join us in spreading this good news and learning how to be fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.

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Outreach Canada is made up of many different ministries working together with the goal of making disciples of Jesus Christ. The OC Team includes 83 Team Members , plus an additional 23 international associates working together in over 100 partnerships with other ministries. We are Stronger Together!

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