Empowering Climate Conversations

A lecture from Katharine Hayhoe on "Empowering Climate Conversastions: From Anxiety and Misinformation to Inspired Action" 

This event was co-sponsered by UBC Graduate & Faculty Christian Forum, as well as Regent College, Trinity Western University’s Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences, A Rocha Canada, and CSCA. 

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Zoomers & the Secret Power of Virtue

What will help Generation Z become successful and more resilient? Dr. Gordon E. Carkner, author and meta-educator, suggests that the secret is to follow the narrative strength of virtue. Zoomers will be well-served if mentors, teachers and employers exhibit character and reveal how virtue works for the common good in real life. Beyond mere career success, we also need relational skill to make life function well. He believes that there is an untapped personal power in virtue waiting for this generation to access. Virtue is a foundational concern today.

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The Land Keeps the Score

Dr. Matthew Lynch, Associate Professor of Old Testament at Regent College, in Vancouver, BC speaks on "The Land Keeps the Score: Violence in Creation according to the Old Testament" in this online webinar. 

An online Lecture from UBC Graduate and Faculty Christian Forum on March 14, 2023.

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Foucault & Taylor in Dialogue on Identity

Two of the world's most famous philosophers, Michel Foucault from College de France & Charles Taylor from McGill University, are brought into critical dialogue on the contemporary conundrum of identity formation. Can they help us understand what a robust identity looks like and how to get there? Is the key element 'beauty' or 'the good'? This matters much to many in their teens and twenties especially, but also beyond this age. An identity crisis can strike at any time. Dr. Gordon E. Carkner lays out the two very different solutions offered by these two renowned public intellectuals. He penetrated this debate in his phD dissertation through University of Wales, and also penned the book 'The Great Escape from Nihilism' on the topic. In this session, there are some vital and exciting angles to explore and also some surprising consequences that come to our awareness. What are the sources of self that make you stronger, more imaginative, free, inspired and engaged?

Charles Taylor and the Modern Search for Identity

In the modern quest for identity, there is no better place to turn than premiere Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor. In this video, Dr. Gordon Carkner, campus chaplain with graduate students and faculty at UBC Vancouver, discusses moral frameworks and offers fresh language and solutions for the modern identity crisis of Millennials. Spirituality-Morality-Identity are interwoven in this exploration of a mature (thick) identity.

A Rapprochement Between Faith & Reason

"What should we believe about faith and reason whatever our starting point or prejudgments? It is perhaps a life-long quest to understand the nuances of this faith-reason, knowledge-religion relationship. Nothing is more important for balance in our lives and our thinking inside and outside the university."

The Forum Lecture Series at UBC

The upcoming, online lecture series from UBC Graduate and Faculty Christian Forum for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Engaging the University

An intro video to Graduate Christian Union at University of British Columbia.

Rescuing the Lost Language of Meaning

Some elements in modern culture have worked to repress/restrict our language usage--in particular what Charles Taylor calls the 'meta-biological', the language of significance. Restricted language means necessarily limited awareness/thinking capacity. This webinar is not about a lost civilization discovered by an anthropologist, but similar in some ways.


Sent & Sending: Gord & Ute Carkner

A closer look at Gord & Ute's campus ministry at UBC. 

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