Ministry at the Speed of Relationships

Building relationships is the first and foremost thing we should be about - everything else comes out of relationships. Building relationships with people from other cultures is so important, as humor; lifestyle; values; and beliefs are so different to ours, and don’t translate well. Living next to, and working with other nationalities, requires relationship.

Jesus taught us that building relationships is the greatest and most important thing we do - no strings attached.

So, how do we build Christ-honoring relationships in our life & ministry? In this article, Paul draws on wisdom from the Bible, underscoring the importance of humility, forgiveness, trust, and genuine care in developing deep and meaningful relationships. And he challenges us, first and foremost, to approach ministry (and life) at the "speed of relationships!"

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Rachael's Story

A story from a Muslim Background Believer and a church who prayed for the mosque in their community. 

Imagine getting this email:

“My name is Rachael*. I am a born-again Christian of 2 years. I actually used to be a Shia Muslim. I attended the mosque on your street for many years of my life. The Lord pulled me out of the darkness of my former life as a Muslim and brought me into His loving light ...

I recently heard that your church prays specifically for salvation over people at the mosque. Is this true? If so, I’m not sure how long your church has been doing this, but I wanted to email you as an encouragement to you and your congregation to let you know that the Lord has heard your prayers and is AT work in this Muslim community...

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OC Director's Blog: May 2023

In our May Director's Blog, Executive Director, Dr. Craig Kraft, shares about the OC staff retreat that took place the first week of May. He also shares about the Leader-SHIFT team and reflects on the special commissioning service as he prepares to take on the new role of Director for Global Collaboration with the OC Global Alliance. 

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5 Simple Checks for Discerning the Will of God

Discerning God’s voice in our world today can be challenging. With so many voices and distractions, how do we discern the will of God in our lives?  Craig Kraft, OC’s Executive Director, shares his personal experiences of receiving life-changing calls from God, and offers five simple checks to help readers discern the path God is calling them to follow.

The Bittersweet of Travelling as an Adult TCK

Over the last year, I took more flights than I ever have within a single year. I’ve had more time to be in these liminal spaces than ever before. As an adult TCK (Third Culture Kid), this has invited me to reflect more deeply on why I am where I am in the world, and how that continues to shape my identity. In these spaces I momentarily re-enter into the journey of transition and grief.

In this article, Malik shares about his recent travels, and offers advice on how to process complex feelings while traveling and staying connected to multiple cultures.



We have a couple of empty bedrooms in our house. At one time they were occupied by our kids, but for the last few years they’ve sat empty except when they’ve been temporarily occupied by visiting family or friends. A quick change of sheets, dust and vacuum, lay out fresh towels and the rooms are ready for the next occupants.

Recently we’ve been preparing these rooms again—but we’re not exactly sure when their new occupants are coming, nor when they’re leaving. They are coming to Canada for an indefinite period—homeless because of violent conflict in their home country that has driven them, along with many others, to search for a place of greater stability and safety. They are staying with us until they can find more permanent housing—but in a tight, expensive housing market that could mean days, weeks, or months.

As carefully as we are making preparations for these ones to join us, it pales in comparison to the careful preparations that Jesus assures us he is making for us.

Risk-taking in the Canadian Wilderness

What first came to mind when I was invited to the “Canadian wilderness” to help lead a Wilderness Camp for adult third culture kids (ATCKs) this past July was the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.  

All spring I relished these thoughts: an adventure of “humans against the elements” with a group of young adult TCKs and ATCK co-leaders who “got it.” Overcoming challenges together is a great way to bond quickly, and with other ATCKs, I knew those bonds could form quickly in the right setting. Having grown up in the mountains of Vermont and in the highlands of Kenya, hiking, camping, paddling, and climbing in wild places is revitalizing to me. 

We were headed into all the key elements of adventure: horseback riding, rock climbing, kayaking, and hiking in the mountains where elk, moose, and grizzly bears roamed, living in tents that had just been resurrected after a literal crushing storm. In between, we would split wood and help with cooking, and immerse ourselves in outdoor life—axe throwing and bonfires, outhouses (let’s be real) and camp cooking, fast changing weather, and the sweetest air you could imagine. For me, that kind of life isn’t about a contest so much as it is about finding harmony with elements that can give wonderful gifts and can also kill you. Risk in its essence...

Inviting MKs and TCKs to Stillwood: An Interview with Mallory

Listen in to this interview with Mallory Luesink, Program Director at Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre, about her experience as an MK (Missionary Kid) and about opportunities for TCKs (Third Culture Kids) and MKs and Stillwood Camp!

"Stillwood provided the space as a young MK for me to gain community, and to experience growth spiritually and in leadership." - Mallory Luesink

OC Director's Blog: April 2023

OC Director's Blog - April 2023 Edition. In our April Director's Blog, Executive Director, Dr. Craig Kraft, shares about an OC missionary who recently travelled through Asia, helping to start over 300 new micro-churches. He also shares OC News including an upcoming opportunity to join a 30 minute unveiling of our Chaplains new name and branding on April 27th. 

Wilderness ReBoot: What to Expect

Designed for adult MKs (Missionary Kids) seeking a deep encounter with God amidst the beauty of the Canadian back country wilderness, Wilderness ReBoot is a co-ed retreat for MKs (Missionary Kids) ages 21-35 willing to be challenged physically and spiritually, while deepening their relationship with God by seeking His direction in their lives. 

Benjamin Reed, the Program Director for Wilderness ReBoot shares the purpose behind the retreat and a behind-the-scenes look at what you can expect. 

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