8 Disciple-Making Principles

A few years ago, I spent several months reading and re-reading the book of Acts. I was trying to understand how the Church had gone from a handful of people hiding out for fear of the authorities, to a bold and fearless community growing at an exponential rate.

As I read, a pattern began to emerge:

Prayer preceded Holy Spirit empowerment, which led to bold, public witness about Jesus Christ, accompanied by affirming signs and wonders,

resulting in many coming to faith AND active opposition from others,

which then caused Jesus’ followers to go back to prayer … starting the cycle all over again.

Here are 8 disciple-making principles that have become crystal clear to me from the Acts accounts ...

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3 Opportunities to Get Involved in Making Disciples

Here are 3 practical opportunities to get involved in making disciples ... ready, set, go!

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MAWL: Model, Assist, Watch, Launch

Why did I fail to teach my youngest daughter to ride a bike? Why did I keep failing to make disciples who multiply? Simply, I didn’t use the training cycle of Model, Assist, Watch, Launch (MAWL).

Jon shares about teaching his youngest daughter to ride a bike, and the principles that also apply to making disciples who multiply.

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OC Director's Blog: March 2023

OC Director's Blog - March 2023 Edition. In our March Director's Blog, Executive Director, Dr. Craig Kraft, shares thoughts on the Asbury Revival, and more details about the upcoming transition, including OC's new Leader-SHIFT team. 

Love your Muslim Neighbours this Ramadan: Ways to Pray and Engage

Jesus exhorts us to love our neighbour as ourselves. Are you looking for opportunities to pray for and engage with the Muslims in your neighbourhood this Ramadan? Here are six opportunities to pray, and six opportunities to engage with the Muslims in your community... 

Workplace Chaplaincy: A Creative Solution Built Around Employee Needs

Looking back 1700 years to the origins of chaplaincy, our workplace chaplaincy program defines what chaplaincy IS and IS NOT for today. As well, this article considers how chaplaincy can be a pre-emptive strategy to address the mental health crisis affecting the Canadian workforce right now. 

God's Heart in Four Fields

“God’s Heart in 4-Fields" is the Rosetta Stone for understanding Disciple Making Movements (DMM), the tool belt for training and coaching towards Church Planting Movements (CPM).

Digital Bibles: A Key Discipleship Tool for Multilingual Speakers

There are more opportunities today in Canada than ever before to reach out as a local church and welcome people of different language communities around us!  From sponsoring a refugee family, to hosting a neighbourhood celebration, to simply getting to know our friends and neighbours who speak different languages and letting them know they are welcome here – and welcome in our churches.  

With over 450 individual languages identified in the 2021 census there may be more languages spoken by people already in your church than you realize. Deb & Ramón share how you can find and use digital Bibles and digital Bible-Based discipleship tools in different languages...

Rethink Development: A Partnership in Burundi

Outreach Canada’s work in Burundi, East Africa, is made possible by our official partnership with Partners Trust International Church. We have titled our partnership, Rethink Development, and have had a particular focus on building the capacity of Christians involved in community development work.

Workplace Chaplaincy: The Canadian Workplace Situation

Mental health struggles are impacting 1 in every 3 to 5 employees and just 1 of every 10 is using the EFAPs (Employee and Family Assistance Programs.) In other words, there is a need that is not being met by these programs.  Jonathan takes a closer look at the Canadian Workplace and explains why we need to pay attention. This is part one of a three-part series on Workplace Chaplaincy. 

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