4 Disciple Multiplication Stories

We pray that these four stories about disciple-making & disciple multiplication (from Simply Mobilizing Canada) encourage your heart and inspire you to action!

  • The Letter - the story of just one letter and how God used it to bring many to Himself.
  • Why I love doing Discovery Bible Studies with my Muslim friends - the story of a woman who is studying the Bible with her Muslim friends.
  • From Stone to Soil - Once upon a time, a seemingly uninterested man participated in a Discovery Bible Study in a cafe around the world, and then everything changed.
  • Living and Active - the story of how the Scriptures made it to a remote village through text message.
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Kairos Courses 2023

Kairos Courses 2023

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My Dream: Humble Spaces of Connection

I had a dream recently. I could be wrong, but I think it was a dream from God with a message for me. And maybe it’s a message for you too.

Someone was promoting the idea of a coffee shop space. It was a small room—almost set up and ready to go, but not quite—there was some more work yet to be done to make it a welcoming and inviting space. Though it did already have some bookshelves, some decor, and a few comfy sofas chairs. For the colors, you need to imagine a typical Latin American street scene, where even humble spaces can be lit up by eclectic assortments of paint colors.

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Pray, Learn, Engage: A Journey for Christians during Ramadan

Opportunities for Christians to pray, learn, love and engage with Muslims during Ramadan.

You're Invited! Praying for Ramadan

You are invited to join us in praying for Ramadan!

Ramadan is the Islamic month of fasting—a season where Muslims are more spiritually alert and diligent. It is also the month, where for 27 years Christians around the world have prayed persistently that as Muslims practice the rituals of their faith, they would come into a living relationship with Jesus Christ the Messiah.

Lunar New Year: How Should Christians Celebrate

How should faith impact our celebrations of Lunar New Year as followers of Jesus? Alfred Chui expands on the meaning & traditions of Lunar New Year and offers perspective on how followers of Jesus should respond…

A Vanilla Life: 5 Questions to Consider as you Build Cross-Cultural Friendships


5 Questions to Consider as you Build Cross-Cultural Friendships.

Vanilla describes most of my childhood: Food was predictable, community was homogenous, and the exotic or unusual was reserved for travelogue shows on TV.

Vanilla was my ice cream flavor of choice. It was safe, predictable, and delicious. All those other flavors might not be as good…and risking ice cream disappointment seemed unimaginable to me. It wasn’t until my teens that I discovered the delights of Mint Chocolate Chip, Maple Walnut, and other wonderful flavours.

Mobi 101 Seminar

Mobi 101 Seminar from Simply Mobilizing Canada.

Kairos Promo Video

A short video introducing the Kairos Course.


Wasting Seed

Anybody who has visited my house knows I like to garden. A few years ago, my husband and daughter built me a greenhouse so I can start my plants from seed. Each precious seed is carefully placed in prepared soil and carefully nurtured to grow strong before being transplanted into the garden to grow up and produce a harvest. 

Recently I’ve been rereading the Parable of the Sower (or maybe better called the Parable of the Soils) from Matthew 13. 

What is startling to me in this parable is the complete disregard of the sower for all the seed that is wasted. No gardener deliberately throws seed on the path, or amongst weeds, or on rocky ground. Seed is reserved for fertile soil.  

So why is this sower apparently happy to waste so much seed?

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