5 Prayer Points for Lunar New Year

Alfred Chui
February 05 2024


Every year, an estimated 2 billion people around the world celebrate Lunar New Year, which marks the beginning of the new year according to the lunar calendar. This year Lunar New Year falls on February 10, 2024.  

5 Ways to Pray during Lunar New Year

Here are 5 prayer points for the Lunar New Year Celebration:

  1. Pray for people who yearn for blessing during the Lunar New Year. Pray they will recognize the One who is in true control of their lives and who grants the real blessing of salvation. 
  2. Pray for all Christians not to hoard their blessings but to be a channel that allows the blessings to flow to others through them in the Lunar New Year occasion.
  3. Pray for Christians to be sensitive to lonely people, that they would invite them to celebrate Lunar New Year in order to share the love and blessings of God. 
  4. Pray that Christians would uphold the cultural values of family connection, generosity, and hospitality but refrain from practicing the values of ungodly prosperity, superficial greeting, and greed during the Lunar New Year celebration.
  5. Pray that the Lunar New Year celebration is a beacon to facilitate cross-cultural harmony and not as an expression of national pride and exclusivism.

As you pray for others during the Lunar New Year celebrations, if you are interested in learning more about Lunar New Year from a Christian perspective, we encourage you to read the previous article from Alfred: Lunar New Year: How Should Christians Celebrate

"As a follower of Christ from a Chinese cultural background, I would gladly adopt and practice the festive celebration of the Lunar New Year, participating in traditions such as visiting relatives, exchanging gifts and greetings, giving red packets to children, and wishing blessings and peace to extended family, friends and neighbours.

However, I would tweak the meaning of many practices that are rooted in fear and personal gain because I am assured of the purpose and sovereignty of my life by the author of all blessings, the Creator God who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ!” - Alfred Chui

Alfred Chui practiced physical therapy for over 25 years before he joined North Edmonton Alliance Church in 2009, first as the English Pastor & then in 2013 as the Senior Pastor. In 2019, Alfred & his wife Charis relocated to Richmond, B.C. and Alfred joined Outreach Canada as the Simply Mobilizing (SM) Canada Chinese Language Coordinator - implementing, maintaining, and expanding the Kairos and other SM courses to mobilize Canadian Chinese diaspora Christians and their next generations to reach and disciple all nations.

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