A Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Canadians experience great freedom of religion compared to so many places in the world. In fact, it is hard for us to think that our brothers and sisters in Christ in other parts of the world are under attack. Churches meet in hiding, believers pray and worship in private, and many live in constant fear of arrest, beatings, or even execution. 

Several years ago, one of our associates was executed while leaving a prayer meeting in Asia. This brought the issue much closer to home for us at Outreach Canada. We continue to pray for the church around the world, especially those facing persecution. 

Sunday, November 6th, is International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. 

Today we offer a prayer, based on Ephesians 3:14-21, and a few suggestions for how to pray for the persecuted church... 

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Serving Leaders Globally

Communication and collaboration in intercultural environments are complex at the best of times, but the pandemic created new levels of complexity for our global alliance. However, through creative intentionality and simple technology tools, we were able to expand and improve many aspects of our teamwork over the past few years.


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Leaders Find Greater Inspiration in Burundi

I continue to be inspired by the many committed Burundian leaders who pour out their lives in serving in such a challenging environment. God is at work through the church in such practical and inspirational ways, and we are privileged to play a small but significant role in seeing many of these leaders better equipped in their important work. 

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Building and Equipping Leaders in Burundi

Building and equipping leaders in Burundi to extend the gospel in word and deed - December 2021 update.

Freedom from Hunger: Mohamed's Story

A Freedom 25 Story. Mohamed and his family live under constant threat of violence. India can be a dangerous place for Muslims to live.

Freedom from Sex Work: Gina's Story

A Freedom 25 Story. Working towards freedom from sex work for women in India. 

Freedom from Hunger: Isaac's Story

A Freedom 25 Story. 

Isaac is a Christian leader in India, who runs a small church and school near his home. This summer he reached out to our team in India for help. 

FREEDOM 25 - India

Impacts of the pandemic in India have been devastating. 

  • Millions of day labourers and small business owners have lost their only source of income.
  • In desperation, women have turned to prostitution to feed their families.
  • A large population of underprivileged people are going underfed due to loss of resources and facilities.

The FREEDOM 25 Initiative will train and engage women who are on the streets in India to run community kitchens in their own neighbourhoods.

  • The aim is to pay women a daily wage allowing them to choose a different vocation for survival instead of prostituting themselves.
  • The community kitchens will then serve nutritious and hygienic food to the underprivileged population which will improve their immunity to further protect them from infections and be job ready.

Your gift of $25 provides enough food to feed a family of five for a full week. Larger gifts will help us open new community kitchens in new neighbourhoods. 

Building Capacity in Burundi

Barry Whatley descibes a capacity building project for Christian development practitioners in the african nation of Burundi, which will
provide training, practical research, and regular inspiration for Burundian Christian development organisations and churches.

A partnership between Outreach Canada Ministries (outreach.ca) and Partners Trust International (www.pti.bi)

OC Global Alliance COVID-19 Relief Fund

The OC Global Alliance, of which Outreach Canada is a member, has established a special OCGA COVID-19 relief fund to help “majority world” missionaries as they serve internationally through this crisis. 

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