A Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Craig Kraft
November 02 2023


Canadians experience great freedom of religion compared to so many places in the world. In fact, it is hard for us to think that our brothers and sisters in Christ in other parts of the world are under attack. Churches meet in hiding; believers pray and worship in private; and many live in constant fear of arrest, beatings, or even execution. 

Several years ago, one of our associates was executed while leaving a prayer meeting in Asia. This brought the issue much closer to home for us at Outreach Canada. We continue to pray for the church around the world, especially those facing persecution. 

We want to offer a prayer today and a few suggestions for how to pray for the persecuted church.

Today we offer a prayer, based on Ephesians 3:14-21

A Prayer for the Persecuted Church


We praise you for every blessing. You are the great Creator of heaven and earth, and all of creation bows to your name and your will. We worship you as our Father, and our God.

We pray, according to the riches of your glory, that you would strengthen your church, especially those who are facing persecution today. We pray that your Spirit would bring power and perseverance to your people as we dwell in your presence, day by day and moment by moment.

We pray, Father, that being rooted in our faith and love for your son, Jesus, that your church will be strengthened to comprehend the immeasurable love you have demonstrated through the gift of Jesus Christ, that we would be filled with the fullness of God - the fullness that enables us to transcend human understanding and submit ourselves to your perfect will.

Father, we pray for those who stand in the face of opposition today. We pray for their protection, and we also pray that their words, appearance, and actions will radiate the love of Christ to their oppressors. And that their faith will bring honor and glory to your name.

We acknowledge your power and wisdom, Father, and we pray for courage and understanding in the name of your son, Jesus Christ.


Prayer Points for the Persecuted Church

How can you continue to pray for the persecuted church today? Here are some suggestions:

  • Pray for their protection
  • Pray for those who are in prison
  • Pray for those who are experiencing personal persecution
  • Pray for those who have lost their church buildings, homes, or businesses
  • Pray for those who have lost their loved ones
  • Pray for those who are suffering alone
  • Pray scriptures for the church (Acts 16:25, 2 Corinthians 12:9, Matthew 10:16-18, 1 Peter 4:12-14 and many others).

What Scriptures are you praying over the persecuted church today?

*This article was originally published in November 2022 and has been updated & republished with permission.

A pastor for 15 years in western Canada, a missionary in southern Africa with Outreach Canada, and the Executive Director at Outreach Canada since 2008, Dr. Craig Kraft is now stepping into the role of “Director for Global Collaboration” for the OC Global Alliance. Craig is a graduate of Northwest Baptist Seminary at ACTS and a graduate of Asia Graduate School of Theology with a Doctor of Intercultural Studies. His study has focused on diaspora missiology in Canada. His dissertation explores the potential for revitalizing Canadian churches through the practice of biblical hospitality with refugees and immigrants. Craig loves to watch sports, work in the yard & spend time in the woods. 

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