A Simple Recipe for Making Disciples

When I have a bit of extra time, I enjoy cooking. I especially enjoy cooking for other people, and I particularly love trying new recipes. It’s a bit risky trying new recipes out on guests, but I do it all the time!

Some recipes are complex and take a long time—sometimes the reward is worth the effort, sometimes not. I have a recipe for Petit Fours (a fancy little dessert cake) that takes most of a day to make but is a favorite of some of my family—so worth the investment.

But some recipes surprise me with how simple and delicious they are. Try this one – watermelon chunks, lime juice, chopped fresh mint. For a summer side salad, it’s amazing.

Sometimes when we talk about disciple-making we tend to think ‘Petit Four recipe’ complexity rather than ‘Watermelon Salad recipe’ simplicity. And then we let the thought of the complexity put us off even trying to be involved in disciple-making.

What if we could simplify our ‘disciple-making recipe’ down to just a few ingredients? 

Here’s a ‘simple recipe’ for you to try out...


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37 Verses on Making Disciples

What does the Bible even say about Making Disciples? Here are 37 verses to start ...

Outreach Canada is a family of ministries working together to accelerate the fulfilling of the Great Commission in Canada. We do this through serving leaders & making disciples.

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Discipling Our Nation

No matter how well the church may have done in the past, the challenge of discipling our nation is new and fresh with each new generation...

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Hospitality as Mission

"Our homes are becoming more and more important as a centre of mission. I would say, especially for our neighbours, our home is going to be the most important opportunity they have to meet Jesus."

Chris explores hospitality & mission as they relate to our homes. This is part one of "Hospitality as Mission". 

A Leader’s Personal Litmus Test

A ‘litmus test’ does not change the leader; it reveals the leader’s character. Here are three litmus tests a true leader can learn from Jesus. 

Scripture Earth: Sharing the Gospel in Diverse Languages

The website, ScriptureEarth.org, containing one of the largest repositories of Bible resources available, is a hidden jewel in the toolbox for diaspora ministry in Canada!

Taste of Weavers

Is there someone who you have wished you could connect with God? The Weavers way of engaging others in conversation may be what you’ve been looking for. Practical. Scripture Engagement. Oral learner-friendly. Conversational. Based on an easy-to-learn, and reproducible framework that you can adapt for everyday conversations with the people who are important to you as well as for spontaneous encounters. Come for a taste of what storyweaving is like.

8 Qualities of Shepherd-Leaders

Here are eight qualities of a shepherd-leader we can learn from the good shepherd in John 10.

Trinitarian Hospitality

I have coined the phrase “Trinitarian Hospitality” to describe the mysterious truth that the triune God opens up His community to all who believe, and remarkably, God desires to be hosted by us. In a profound sense, God is both Host and Guest, even as we who believe are also hosted by God and the guest of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The Joy of Evangelism

If you’re like me, when someone starts talking about the need to get more involved in evangelism, the first thought to come to mind isn’t ‘JOY’. Maybe its stress. Or guilt. Or shame. Or fear. Why do we feel that way?

And although many non-Christians are willing to engage in spiritual conversations, most Christians don’t start them. Why are we so reluctant?


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