3 Canadian Hymns

Looking at the lyrics of 3 Canadian hymns, and reflecting on worship through music. 

"It is not enough for most of us simply to hear the Word, or the sermon. If we are going to love God with our hearts as well as our minds, we need to accept the offer presented in Colossians 3:16: 'Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.'

God does not want us to be grim-faced galley-slaves; he wants us to be joyful.

A word that we hear might enter our heads, but a word that we sing will 'dwell in us richly.'"

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A Community Living Toward Wholeness

“Yes, I love Jesus Christ, but I don’t go to church.”

Over the years, I’ve heard similar statements from lots of people. Asked about church, they may say, “The teaching is good, the music is great – but it’s like going to a show or a concert, I don’t experience real community.” Or here’s another one: “They’re friendly, but I can’t make any friends there.”  

What are they looking for – even yearning for – in a church? 

Here are some insights to be a Jesus community living towards wholeness, including 3 things you can bring to a Jesus community. 

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Why Canada Needs Biblical Hospitality

Jesus demonstrated how one can balance the tension between pursuing holiness and being a friend of sinners, and he did it through hospitality. 

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Hospitality in the Early Church

Hospitality was one of the factors that led to the discipleship and rapid expansion of the early church. The second blog in the series "Understanding Hospitality in a Western Context", this blog takes a brief look at the importance of hospitality in the early church.

Hospitality in Scripture

Hospitality is a powerful practice with the potential to bring restoration and revitalization to souls in need.  It is a virtue, espoused in scripture, through God’s earliest interactions with the patriarchs right through the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles. 

Often misunderstood in our modern western context, hospitality rediscovered allows hosts and guests to experience a taste of God’s love and grace through their interactions with each other. 

This is the first in a series of five blogs on Understanding Hospitality in a Western Context. 

Better Together: The Story of Lazarus

Exploring the story of an East Side Kid & the story of Lazarus. Did Jesus believe in "Better Together"? 

This is our Moment

I believe that the church is the essential service in a broken world, and this is our moment. Will we take hold of this God-ordained moment, unlike any in our lifetime, to experience God working in a creative & redemptive way in our world?

Better Together

The Bible is rich with stories of people dealing with difficult circumstances. A brief review of a few of these stories can encourage us to care for each other, stick to our principles and trust in God—no matter what.

On Thresholds of Light and Darkness

We think— sometimes naively—that it would be a better world without darkness. On one hand, God does not have anything to do with darkness, but, of course, light is the contrast to the dark. 

As we grow, we develop a relationship with the physical darkness around us and become aware of spiritual darkness. We often wonder if any of God’s light can touch us there.  

Time For God?

Encouraging fresh examinations and renewed beginnings in our relationship with the God who reveals Himself as Jesus Christ. We begin with two questions: What is time? Who is God?

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