LMT Webinar: Sharing your Contagious Faith with your Muslim Friend

As disciples of Christ, we are called to share the gospel, but few of us are naturally comfortable with evangelism. We wrestle with internal fears, a lack of preparation, and the sense that reaching out to others might force us to act like someone we're not.

What if we could find a way to talk about Jesus that fits our personalities, makes us feel confident, and ignites a fire in others? Well, guess what? The way to a personal evangelism style can be found.

Please join us in discovering your natural style in sharing Jesus with others as Pastor Lane Davis hosts the Contagious Faith evangelism course by Mark Mittelberg for six consecutive Saturdays from September 9 until October 14, 2023.

As we all strive to become more intentional and effective ambassadors for Christ, Contagious Faith will help guide us to our natural style in sharing Jesus with others, including with our Muslim friends.

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Monthly Day of Prayer & Fasting

Loving Muslims Together Network - Monthly Day of Prayer & Fasting

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Rachael's Story

A story from a Muslim Background Believer and a church who prayed for the mosque in their community. 

Imagine getting this email:

“My name is Rachael*. I am a born-again Christian of 2 years. I actually used to be a Shia Muslim. I attended the mosque on your street for many years of my life. The Lord pulled me out of the darkness of my former life as a Muslim and brought me into His loving light ...

I recently heard that your church prays specifically for salvation over people at the mosque. Is this true? If so, I’m not sure how long your church has been doing this, but I wanted to email you as an encouragement to you and your congregation to let you know that the Lord has heard your prayers and is AT work in this Muslim community...

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Night of Powerful Prayer

Night of Powerful Prayer, by CCCOWE Canada & Loving Muslims Together, is a CALL TO PRAYER for Muslims during Ramadan. Join us online Monday April 17th, 2023.

Call to Prayer during Ramadan 2023

Ramadan, marked by 30 days of fasting and prayer, is a season when Muslims diligently strive to fulfill the duties that form the basis of their religious practice. As Muslims enter a season of prayer and fasting during Ramadan, let’s also enter a season of prayer and fasting.

We invite you to put aside every Friday during Ramadan as a focused day of prayer and fasting.

Love your Muslim Neighbours this Ramadan: Ways to Pray and Engage

Jesus exhorts us to love our neighbour as ourselves. Are you looking for opportunities to pray for and engage with the Muslims in your neighbourhood this Ramadan? Here are six opportunities to pray, and six opportunities to engage with the Muslims in your community... 

6 Prayer Resources for Christians during Ramadan

6 Opportunities for Christians to pray during Ramadan.

Loving Muslims Together: Inspiring Testimonies

You are invited to hear the testimony of a Christian man of Muslim background from Afghanistan who has recently arrived in Canada with his family as refugees.

Join us for this FREE online webinar on Saturday, March 25, 2023.

Pray, Learn, Engage: A Journey for Christians during Ramadan

Opportunities for Christians to pray, learn, love and engage with Muslims during Ramadan.

Prayer & Ramadan

Easter & Ramadan. Is God's forgiveness given or earned?

An invitation for followers of Jesus to pray for Muslims during Ramadan, and equpping resources for prayer. 

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