Workplace Chaplaincy: The Canadian Workplace Situation

Mental health struggles are impacting 1 in every 3 to 5 employees and just 1 of every 10 is using the EFAPs (Employee and Family Assistance Programs.) In other words, there is a need that is not being met by these programs.  Jonathan takes a closer look at the Canadian Workplace and explains why we need to pay attention. This is part one of a three-part series on Workplace Chaplaincy. 

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Ready To Try Something New? Why you need a Chaplain…

Interested in what a workplace chaplaincy program could add to your organization? We’d love to talk to you!

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A Prayer of Thanksgiving

How many times in your life has someone said to you, "Just take a breath!". As you prepare for and participate in Thanksgiving activities, may you be aware of God's presence.

Here is a prayer for Thanksgiving:

Lord God, you are the one who gives us each breath. On average, 22 000 of them every day. And we don't actually 'take' a breath. By your grace and through your creation, we receive each one ... 

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The Ear of Jesus

Mobilizing God-Made Chaplains into the Workplace!

We are familiar with the idea that the Church has been provided with a healthy mix of gifted people who, through the Spirit, powerfully accomplish the work Christ sets out for us in His Kingdom. We understand the metaphor of the Body of Christ, with each member playing a unique role in the health of the system and all having equal value. At Corporate Chaplains Canada, we have come to understand that one of the parts of the body is the Ears ...

Creative Hospitality in the Port of Vancouver

At the start of each ship visit, Port Chaplains never know how God will use us to share His love and extend ‘creative hospitality’ to the seafarers that we meet. This is even more reason why we pray before heading out to visit the ships...

Beyond the Mistletoe

Christmas is not all, and only about green mistletoe, tasty pastries, and sweet fluffy calico cats. It is, I believe about two puzzling and paradoxical truths...

Breathe! It's Thanksgiving

Breathing connects us and reminds us to be forever grateful for the gift of life in relationship with the Creator and with each other.

Living in Hope

We are clinging to any sign of hope. Yet, it does not take long before we realize that these hopes are on shaky ground. Circumstances change and suddenly we are afloat, looking for another lifebuoy of hope on which to cling. Pandemics have a way of pulling back the curtain, revealing misplaced hope, and driving us deeper into the search for real hope.

My hope lies in binding myself to Jesus, above all else, and placing my hope in this greater narrative of resurrection. Resting in this hope, I can live a life of hope, even in a pandemic.

Memory and Hope

Memory and Hope are twin companions - at Christmas, as well as throughout our year - mingling the past with the future as we walk in the present.

Christmas in a Time of Numbers

At this particular time in history, we are inundated with numbers. 

Over the past nine months, I have become exhausted by daily reports about the pandemic—new cases, deaths, hospitalizations, comparisons. Life has become magnified and intensified through totals and percentages. Somehow, these have the power to increase our fears and anxiety around our everyday lives and struggles.

These numbers actually represent intergenerational stories, and our Creator God is the source of each story. It might make a big difference if we focused on our stories and asked narrative questions rather than numeric questions.

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