The Importance of Community

Agreement on all aspects of life and ministry are not a requirement for community. In fact, strong relationships are built on healthy dialogue, disagreement, and mutual respect. God calls us far beyond comfortable relationships to accomplish His work in our lives and in the lives of those we serve with.

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What’s Next? The Future We Were Not Looking For...

Learning to be resilient in 2021 Mission Life. How COVID has changed plans for missionaries, the impact of living through the “in between” & ideas for walking through this experience in community.

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When Missionaries’ Kids Become Adults – What’s Next?

As the years pass living in my home country of Canada, I have sensed a growing disconnection from my TCK (Third Culture Kid) background. My second, third, and fourth homes across the globe are more distant than they’ve ever been. Maintaining relationships from each of these places only gets harder.

And while I am deepening both my local relationships and my familiarity with Canada, I don’t feel I fully belong here, and probably never will.

There is a quiet but constant reminder that I am different; a gentle tug to be somewhere else.

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Coming Soon: MORE Network Resource Library

MORE Network Resource Library ... Coming Soon to a Computer Screen Near You!

Katie's Story

The story of a Missionary Kid who came to know Jesus at a ReBoot Retreat. 

Virginia's Story

This is Virginia's story of how she came into relationship with the Lord!

Top 10 Most Valuable Mindsets for MKs & TCKs

We like Top Ten lists, don’t we? Bite-sized bits of information we can easily process and implement if we choose. Fashion trends. Vacation spots. I figure if it’s good enough for God’s Commandments, it’s good enough for MK mindsets.

I’ve written extensively in the past three years about attitudes and choices that can help MKs and TCKs to avoid some of the pitfalls inherent to being multi-cultural. Here are, in my estimation, the top ten most valuable of them. 

Forced to Adapt or Choosing to Adapt?

We can let what’s happening around us mold us or we can be purposeful and seek God’s help in adapting to the changes that are going on around us and in us.

Entering Well for MKs & TCKs - Transition Part II

Ask adult TCKs about the most challenging transition of their lives, and they'll most likely say, "College" or University. 

It's not surprising, really. Where most young people entering higher education have left their home and fmily in another part of the country, TCKs have often left their entire universe behind - the sights, sounds, savors, customs, languages, mentalities, and belief systems of places that have little similarity and relevance in this new world. 

This degree of loss, combined with the oddness of re-entering a "home" culture that feels somewhat foreign, can create an emotional-cultural-and-transitional Perfect Storm. 

In this article, Michèle outlines ten tips that may help with transition.

Singing and Living in Harmony

Harmony and unity are costly, yet very worthwhile. It is SO worth it. In the long run we accomplish more together than when we get our own way and serve our own agenda.

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