The Busyness of an MK (Missionary Kid)

I love airports.

The hustle and bustle. People of every nationality streaming past me. The endless possibilities of flights to every corner of the world.

As an adult now, I can admit that in trying to get my family from one country to another, an airport can be a stressful place; endless lines, tight timelines, lost luggage, too much opportunity for things to go wrong.

But, as a Third-Culture Kid (TCK), and specifically a Missionary Kid (MK), the airport glitters like a yellow-brick road into the unknown, and it excites me, especially that hustle and bustle, that busyness of international travel.

Airports are synonymous with the word “busy”. This word, busy, seems also to be the first word used by people to describe life where I now live, Southwestern Ontario. If you have a casual conversation with just about anyone older than 20, they describe life as busy. Life is busy ... but why? I can’t speak about your particular situation, but I can tell you about my situation: there are just so many things to do. Good things. Important things. 

How do you figure out what God is specifically calling you to do when there are so many ‘good’ things that need someone to do them?

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Would you join us in making a difference in the lives of Cross-Cultural Workers and Missionary Kids through the MORE HOPE 2022 campaign today?

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary of MORE Network. To celebrate, we’re inviting you to give, to strengthen and further this work. Gifts of love. Gifts of encouragement. Gifts to say, “we’re with you.” We’re giving gifts ourselves! As the Apostle Paul said, “follow my example.” Give as we are giving. 

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Adult Third Culture Kid Research

One of the main reasons I decided to pursue doctoral studies was to conduct research. Not just any research, but "Adult Third Culture Kid" (ATCK) research. For many years, I worked with children, teens, and adults from various mission agencies, preparing them for international ministry and helping them transition back to Canada.

As I listened to their stories of joy and heartbreak, accomplishments and struggles, I realized that there is so much more that we, as caregivers and organizations, can learn from these international workers and their families to contribute to their transition and healing. In particular, we need to find new ways to help them help themselves, long after the end of the transition retreats and workshops we offer.

The question I am exploring for my research is “How can spiritual self-leadership encourage identity development and sense of belonging in ATCKs in order for them to fully realize their potential and value contribution in the workplace?”

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6 Gospel Truths for TCKs

Ethan, an adult Missionary Kid, shares 6 gospel truths for Missionary Kids & Third Culture Kids ...

"While there are many positive things about growing up as Missionary Kids, we face unique challenges and personal needs that sometime seem impossible to meet. Yet there is someone who promises to be able to meet those needs in a meaningful way, Jesus. The good news of Jesus is He can meet every need of our heart arising from growing up cross-culturally."


Wilderness ReBoot 2023

Wilderness ReBoot is an annual Canadian Retreat for adult MKs (Missionary Kids) in the Canadian back country wilderness.

Classic ReBoot 2023

Classic ReBoot is an annual Canadian Retreat for MKs (Missionary Kids) and TCKs (Third Culture Kids). 

An Invitation to Pray for MORE Network Summer Retreats

Sign-up to receive prayer updates for our MORE Network summer programs & retreats. 

Behind the Scenes (at MORE Network)

 A behind the scenes look at God's faithfulness in the MORE Network and an invitation to pray with us!

Serving Leaders: Replacing Ourselves

How do we serve leaders? By thinking about how to replace them! Okay, maybe some of you will think this is a bad idea...

RE-VIEW 2022

RE-VIEW is a retreat that provides a period of reflection for cross-cultural workers (individuals, couples and families) in transition. 

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