Changing the Oil on your Cross-Cultural Worker

How do we care for our Cross-Cultural Ministry Workers? Using car maintenance as an analogy, Mark unpacks three ways the church can support & care for Cross-Cultural Ministry Workers.


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The Joy of Transitions

God calls us to follow Him in obedience. Almost always it means change. Leaving our comfort zone, we move into unknown territory, feeling anxious, fearful, and sometimes terrified. Yet we can journey through transitions with confidence, fearlessly, and with anticipation. What does transitioning God's way look like? 

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Wilderness ReBoot 2022

Wilderness ReBoot 2022 is an annual Canadian Retreat for adult MKs (Missionary Kids) in the Canadian back country wilderness.

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Classic ReBoot 2022

Classic ReBoot 2022 is an annual Canadian Retreat for MKs (Missionary Kids) and TCKs (Third Culture Kids). 

Wilderness ReBoot: Solitude, Community & Mission

As we celebrate that Wilderness ReBoot is returning in July 2022, Ben shares about how his love for the wilderness first started, and gives insight into what adult MKs (Missionary Kids) can expect at Wilderness ReBoot. 

Christmas Memories from Around the World

Watermelon, Handprints and Fireworks ... What do they all have in common? They are all elements of favourite Christmas memories and traditions from our MORE staff, from around the world! 

Loving and Supporting MKs: One Church's Story

What are some ways you could love and encourage the MKs you know? Here's a story of how one church practically loved and supported MKs!

World Mental Health Day 2021

3 Articles + 1 Library for World Mental Health Day 2021. Resources for Cross-Cultural Workers & Third Culture Kids. 

Memoirs from a Missionary Mom: On Loneliness

During our first year in Chavuma, Zambia with four boys five years old and under, most days I didn’t get past the clothes line, pegging out loads of diapers and laundry. Even without small children, life in developing countries where many missionary mothers serve is characterized by hard work ...

Finding Community as a TCK (Third Culture Kid)

Have you ever felt alone in a group? Have you felt disconnected even while others around you were laughing and smiling and having a good time? In those moments, did you feel like people saw you? Did you feel like people asked to get to know you or asked how you were feeling or what was happening in your inner world?

To be seen, heard, and known for who we really are is the essence of connected community.

Alysia shares insights on community from the perspective of a TCK (Third Culture Kid).

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