Entering Well for MKs & TCKs - Transition Part II

Ask adult TCKs about the most challenging transition of their lives, and they'll most likely say, "College" or University. 

It's not surprising, really. Where most young people entering higher education have left their home and fmily in another part of the country, TCKs have often left their entire universe behind - the sights, sounds, savors, customs, languages, mentalities, and belief systems of places that have little similarity and relevance in this new world. 

This degree of loss, combined with the oddness of re-entering a "home" culture that feels somewhat foreign, can create an emotional-cultural-and-transitional Perfect Storm. 

In this article, Michèle outlines ten tips that may help with transition.

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Singing and Living in Harmony

Harmony and unity are costly, yet very worthwhile. It is SO worth it. In the long run we accomplish more together than when we get our own way and serve our own agenda.

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12 Weird Things about Living in Canada

Here are 12 weird things about living in Canada...from the perspectives of MKs (Missionary Kids) & TCKs (Third Culture Kids)!

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Choosing Home

Ask any Third Culture Kid (TCK) where they are from, and the expected answer is, “I don’t know.” 

As TCKs, we are told that we are supposed to be on a quest for this illusive idea of home. 

Here are three insights I have had about this concept called home. 

Walking by Faith

After all, isn't it God himself who provides us with a sincere and strong faith in Him? What does it mean to walk by faith? Read on for some contemplations on the topic of faith. 

PRe-Boot 2020

Introducing PRe-Boot from the MORE Network!

Why Missions Fail without Collaboration

We cannot afford to work alone. We accomplish far more, and the results are amazingly better, when we work together with others. Keep reading to find out 14 benefits of Collaboration in Missions. 


Together IS Better

Why should mission organizations work together? Working together has its challenges. However, we can accomplish more together than we can on our own. Particularly when it comes to caring for our personnel.

Praying for Missionaries, Mission Leaders, & Mission Supporters

Please join us in praying for Missionaries, Mission Leaders & Mission Supporters during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Welcome Home! Or maybe not?

What can churches do to care for their missionaries who have returned back to Canada? Returning to Canada for many missionaries may not feel like returning "home". 10 Ways your Church can care for missionaries returning to Canada. 

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