Praying for MKs during a Crisis

Created by Outreach Canada Website on 3/19/2020 7:50:00 PM

How can we pray for Missionary Kids (MKs) during a crisis like COVID-19. Read on for insights from Charlie, from his own experience as a missionary kid and then a parent of missionary kids. 

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Before I Started Something New...

Created by Diane Fietje on 3/5/2020 6:56:00 PM

When Diane and her family were transitioning from overseas ministry in Peru back to a Canada, there were 4 things that she felt God wanted her to know before they started 'the next thing'. Here they are...

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Wilderness Reboot: Chara's Story

Created by Outreach Canada Website on 1/14/2020 6:28:00 PM

ReBoot Promo Video: Chara's Story

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Full Circle Gratitude

30+ years ago I was a Graduate Student.

One of my housemates was a teacher, and a very even- tempered woman that everyone loved. I distinctly recall one weekend she was in tears, and bawling. I had never seen her cry before and asked if she was okay. 

She managed to get out “no” between sobs.

ReBoot Promo - Evan's Story

ReBoot Promo Video: Evan's Story

MORE Network: Admin & I.T.

MORE Network is looking for someone to fill the Admin and I.T. role at MORE Network.

A Song of Gratitude

Psalm 30 is a song of praise, a song of dedication. God gives us life, experiences, and He rescues us from death! And why does He do this? An encouraging story of an MK who attended ReBoot.

Gratitude Writing

Gratitude writing can be beneficial for your life. Find out more about incorporating this practice into your daily life. A simple start to practice gratitude is by writing your own gratitude acrostic.


The Value of Debriefing

Have you ever been blindsided by memories or emotions of an experience that happened years ago? Oi-Wah, one of the leaders of The Emmaus Journey knows that all too well. Let her tell you her story...

Is Competition a Biblical Value?

One Sunday morning in the church where I pastored, a family came to me and shared how some of their friends had left our church to go to another church: a "competitor church". They were completely distracted by their news. Does the Bible encourage us to compete with fellow believers? Is there such a thing as a competitor church?

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