Top 10 Most Valuable Mindsets for MKs & TCKs

We like Top Ten lists, don’t we? Bite-sized bits of information we can easily process and implement if we choose. Fashion trends. Vacation spots. I figure if it’s good enough for God’s Commandments, it’s good enough for MK mindsets.

I’ve written extensively in the past three years about attitudes and choices that can help MKs and TCKs to avoid some of the pitfalls inherent to being multi-cultural. Here are, in my estimation, the top ten most valuable of them. 

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Forced to Adapt or Choosing to Adapt?

We can let what’s happening around us mold us or we can be purposeful and seek God’s help in adapting to the changes that are going on around us and in us.

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Visitors or Guests? How Warm is our Welcome?

One day our churches will reopen. As we prepare for that eventuality, churches would do well to discern the difference between treating newcomers as visitors or guests.

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Stretching out Christmas

If you are like me, you are wishing that we could hold on to Christmas a little bit longer. 

I don’t want to take the tree down or put away the decorations.  Is it ok to sing Christmas carols and eat cookies for a few more days?

Memory and Hope

Memory and Hope are twin companions - at Christmas, as well as throughout our year - mingling the past with the future as we walk in the present.

An Advent List: 3 Ways to Practice LOVE

The celebration of Christmas is the celebration of God’s love.

Here are 3 suggestions to practice Love during the advent season. 

Christmas in a Time of Numbers

At this particular time in history, we are inundated with numbers. 

Over the past nine months, I have become exhausted by daily reports about the pandemic—new cases, deaths, hospitalizations, comparisons. Life has become magnified and intensified through totals and percentages. Somehow, these have the power to increase our fears and anxiety around our everyday lives and struggles.

These numbers actually represent intergenerational stories, and our Creator God is the source of each story. It might make a big difference if we focused on our stories and asked narrative questions rather than numeric questions.

An Advent List: 3 Ways to Practice JOY

If you are like me, then you have days when it is hard to be joyful.  The pandemic has not made me feel joyful. Like hope and peace, we can choose to be joyful despite circumstances that are outside of our control.

Here are 3 suggestions to practice Joy during the advent season. 

House of Omeed

The House of Omeed (House of Hope) exists to inspire hope in the hearts of refugees and newcomers to Canada as they make the necessary huge adjustment to their lives now transplanted into a new, unfamiliar, and often incomprehensible society.

From the very beginning, the existence of the House of Omeed has been a story of miracles.

Given their track-record, it's not surprising, on a recent visit in the middle of Covid restrictions, to find that the staff and volunteers are as busy as ever. In fact, perhaps they’re busier than ever, as they tackle the needs of the community in a way that complies with public health directives.



This Christmas, as our normal celebrations are shaken, may we press in to know the one who came as a wee babe, lived and died for us, and who now can hold us when all around is shaking.

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