The Ear of Jesus

Mobilizing God-Made Chaplains into the Workplace!

We are familiar with the idea that the Church has been provided with a healthy mix of gifted people who, through the Spirit, powerfully accomplish the work Christ sets out for us in His Kingdom. We understand the metaphor of the Body of Christ, with each member playing a unique role in the health of the system and all having equal value. At Corporate Chaplains Canada, we have come to understand that one of the parts of the body is the Ears ...

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A Simple Recipe for Making Disciples

When I have a bit of extra time, I enjoy cooking. I especially enjoy cooking for other people, and I particularly love trying new recipes. It’s a bit risky trying new recipes out on guests, but I do it all the time!

Some recipes are complex and take a long time—sometimes the reward is worth the effort, sometimes not. I have a recipe for Petit Fours (a fancy little dessert cake) that takes most of a day to make but is a favorite of some of my family—so worth the investment.

But some recipes surprise me with how simple and delicious they are. Try this one – watermelon chunks, lime juice, chopped fresh mint. For a summer side salad, it’s amazing.

Sometimes when we talk about disciple-making we tend to think ‘Petit Four recipe’ complexity rather than ‘Watermelon Salad recipe’ simplicity. And then we let the thought of the complexity put us off even trying to be involved in disciple-making.

What if we could simplify our ‘disciple-making recipe’ down to just a few ingredients? 

Here’s a ‘simple recipe’ for you to try out...


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37 Verses on Making Disciples

What does the Bible even say about Making Disciples? Here are 37 verses to start ...

Outreach Canada is a family of ministries working together to accelerate the fulfilling of the Great Commission in Canada. We do this through serving leaders & making disciples.

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Discipling Our Nation

No matter how well the church may have done in the past, the challenge of discipling our nation is new and fresh with each new generation...

OC Director's Blog: September 2022

September 2022 Update from Outreach Canada's Executive Director, Dr. Craig Kraft. 

A Close Encounter with Grandma Kwong

Grandma Kwong is representative of the many senior citizens—members of the whole Church— who are committed to bringing the whole Gospel to the whole World. We must remember and support those on the edges of age and those who minister to them. They continue to be Kingdom workers and continue to be a mission field. And, they are honoured and loved.

Hand in Hand: Serving Refugees in Winnipeg

When I first heard what Allan was doing among refugees in Winnipeg, I felt a desire to learn more. After meeting with him and hearing the details, I was convinced that this amazing story, describing what God can do with a willing and servant heart, had to be shared with the world.

OC Director's Blog: August 2022

August 2022 Update from Outreach Canada's Executive Director, Dr. Craig Kraft. 

Hospitality as Mission

"Our homes are becoming more and more important as a centre of mission. I would say, especially for our neighbours, our home is going to be the most important opportunity they have to meet Jesus."

Chris explores hospitality & mission as they relate to our homes. This is part one of "Hospitality as Mission". 

Five Steps to Practice Hospitality in your Home

A roadmap to practicing hospitality in our homes. Challenging us to restore the vision for our neighbourhoods and commit to the practice of hospitality, this article offers a practical 5-step strategy to practicing hospitality as mission in our homes. 

This is part two of our "Hospitality as Mission" series. 

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