PRe-Boot 2020

Outreach Canada Website /Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Introducing Pre-Boot…

Classic Re-Boot is our MK transition retreat that takes place every summer, and is designed to support MKs who have grown up in a cross cultural environment and are now transitioning into Canadian culture.

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel Classic ReBoot for 2020, but we are still here to help MKs in transition.

By applying now for Classic ReBoot 2021, MKs are able to access our Pre-Boot resources including:

  • a PRE-BOOT resource kit including reading, online resources, and more!
  •  an MK small group for personal contact and support.
  •  contact with ReBoot staff. These are MKs who’ve already repatriated, attended ReBoot and are growing in their faith and love with Christ.
  • a helpline. Someone to call in times of need, whether urgent or not, offering a knowledgeable godly person to process their thoughts with.
  • an online 2-hour event early this coming August when Classic ReBoot was to have run. Our focus will be relational, fun, and more.  local MK events across Canada, connecting newly repatriated MKs with MK alumni, when possible.

More Information

Applications are still being accepted!

Access all the details and register by visiting CLASSIC PRE-BOOT DETAILS.

Watch a VIDEO MESSAGE from our 2020 Classic ReBoot Director, Shelly Lyons.



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