Praying for Missionaries, Mission Leaders, & Mission Supporters

Charlie McCordic /Monday, May 11, 2020


Here are some points to consider as you pray for Missionaries, for Mission Leaders & Mission Supporters during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prayer for Missionaries

For Missionaries

  • Who were heading out, whether new or returning missionaries, and now dealing with the disappointment of what is really an indefinite deferral.
  • For those on the field, who would not (or could not) return home.  Now hunkered down in their places of ministry, they may wonder why they are even there & be searching for new ways to minister as never before.
  • Who are in isolated spots, particularly in the developing world. Often, they may have more information about what is going on around the world than they do about what is happening in their own country.  Wondering what they will do if the virus really takes hold and the already inadequate local health care system is overwhelmed.
  • Who are worried about family back in the home country – for their vulnerable older parents & their adult children.
  • Who are concerned for the functioning of national local churches - Internet access and virtual meetings that churches elsewhere use may not be available.
  • Who face financial concerns - as church income drops, and missionary support looks like it could go the same way.
  • Who wonder if they will be able to meet their own needs, when prices skyrocket for both missionaries and nationals alike.  And wisdom to know how to help those multitudes around them in great need.
  • Who feel vulnerable, when want and fear result in civil unrest and insecurity.
  • And for the “divine appointments” that might only occur in a crisis like this where everything is out of one’s control.

Prayer for Mission Leaders

Pray for Mission Leaders, who need a special awareness of God’s guidance and grace

  • Who are wondering which ministries or projects need to continue, and which need to be put on hold.
  • Who are caring for the spiritual and emotional health of a team that is under great pressure.
  •  Who are trying to raise funds to keep the entire ministry afloat in a season when fundraising is particularly difficult
  • Who are worrying about handling any of the usual health crises that their missionaries face, in the midst of a very unusual and larger pandemic crisis.
  • Who are fielding questions from families and supporters back home, including the difficult “why didn't you…?”  Or ”why can’t you…?”
  • Who have a team that is looking to them for leadership and encouragement…and who may take all the pressure onto themselves, and end up experiencing feelings of loneliness, inadequacy, anxiety or depression, all while trying to look confident for their people.
  • And who find that none of the carefully prepared disaster contingency plans prepared them for this.

Prayer for Mission Supporters

Pray for Mission Supporters, increasingly concerned about very real needs right here at home

  • For churches that face decreased giving by their members, and wonder how they can even maintain their own budgets, and their missions support as well.
  • For individual supporters, who wonder about how to meet personal needs, and preoccupied with very present worries, ranging from job security to family safety.
  • For God’s divine provision to enable vital needs to be met, both here and abroad. For an experience of God’s supply in everything necessary, such that renewed hearts are lifted in faith, wonder and praise!


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