Full Circle Gratitude

Wilma Findlay /Wednesday, December 11, 2019


30+ years ago I was a Graduate Student.

One of my housemates was a teacher, and a very even- tempered woman that everyone loved. I distinctly recall one weekend she was in tears, and bawling. I had never seen her cry before and asked if she was okay. 

She managed to get out “no” between sobs.

I was willing to listen if she needed to talk. A few hours later I asked if the book she was reading, "Letters Never Sent", had anything to do with the tears?

“Yes, it is the first time anyone has ever understood me," she replied.

Impact on My Life

Years later as my interest in Missionary Kids (MKs) was developing I realized the genesis of my interest started with that conversation. My housemate was an adult MK who had grown up in East Africa and had attended boarding schools there.

I am thankful for how God used that conversation to impact the trajectory of my life and work.

Full Circle Gratitude

Fast forward to September this year. I attended the MK Synergy Summit in Pennsylvania and ended up eating dinner with Ruth Van Reken, the author of "Letters Never Sent", the book that had impacted my housemate. I shared this story with Ruth. She thanked me for letting her know how her first book helped my housemate.

The first weekend of November I was back in South Carolina for my 30th Grad School Reunion. I had dinner with my housemate and her family. I told her about meeting Ruth and passing along this story from decades before.

I am thankful I could complete the circle.



Wilma Findlay is part of the MORE Network, working as a Member Care Consultant and Registrar for the MORE Network Events. Wilma and her husband Alan have one daughter and live in Ontario. They understand cross-cultural ministry from first hand experience working overseas. Now after 20+ years of experience in missionary encouragement and support, Wilma’s passion is providing care and support for children who have grown up in a cross-cultural environment. She gives of herself in administration, as a resource person building the Resource Library, as well as an advisor and an encourager. 




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