Gratitude for God’s Supply

Gerry Kraft / Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Leaving a well-paying job for one with lots of uncertainty is very challenging.

Some years ago now after serving as a pastor I was challenged to leave a familiar ministry that was going well and take my family to another country. I was born in Southern California and spent many ministry years on the San Francisco peninsula serving in a large church.

One day God spoke to me and my wife about being willing to move to Canada to begin a new ministry.

Today, that ministry is called Outreach Canada Ministries.

Challenges & Gifts

One of the greatest challenges you face when leaving a salaried position to living by faith and support from committed Christians is the question:

"Will there be enough and will it be on time to meet the needs?" 

I think most missionaries who have to raise their own support experience uncertainty but have a strong faith in the Lord and His provision.I found that the most unlikely people end up supporting you, not those who could do it with out any strain on their finances but those who are on tight budgets and many who have less than we do as missionaries.

I have been so blessed by people who have contacted me and said they want to be a part of our support team. People who God has lead to our ministry and their commitment is to Him.

Praise the Lord for His bountiful gifts and in my 35 years of being a faith supported missionary I have never gone with out. Thank you to many of you who will read this who have blessed others in this same way.


Dr. Gerry Kraft is one of the co-founders of Outreach Canada and the former Executive Director. Gerry is still helping to provide leadership and provides loving care to many OC supporters. When Gerry was a kid, he wanted to be a big truck driver. Now, if Gerry had a free afternoon, you’d probably find him fishing!





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