Behind the Scenes (at MORE Network)

Diane Fietje /Monday, July 4, 2022


God really keeps us on our toes! With grateful hearts we recognize that God keeps us aware of our need for Him and that what we are doing in MORE is never about us, we are just instruments of His to carry out His purposes for His glory.

This reflects one of our four core values at MORE Network: Global Prayer. It is our “privilege to join in His mission” therefore we seek “wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit in both our day-to-day decisions and planning for our future” and, as well, we “ensure that prayer permeates all that we do – it is not an afterthought.”

As we prepared for 2022 and running our 4 programs (Wilderness ReBoot, RE-VIEW, Classic ReBoot Alberta & Ontario) there were many challenges.

So, we prayed.

When I say “we" I mean our MORE staff, our Outreach Canada staff, and our valued prayer supporters!

In our praying we waited upon the Lord, sometimes in trepidation to be honest, but most of the time expectantly, trusting Him to answer in His time and way. Acknowledging this is God’s ministry, we trusted Him to go before us and overcome the challenges we faced. God is faithful and has shown Himself to be faithful in the past, both in our own lives and in MORE.


Following Covid protocols in 2020/21 meant that we had been unable to hold MORE Network programs in person. Although we held them online in 2021, we sensed the need for in-person events, especially for Wilderness and Classic ReBoots. So, we prayed.

Things opened up and, praise the Lord, this summer we will be holding Wilderness ReBoot, Classic ReBoot ON and AB and RE-VIEW in person!

Staff Needs & Participants

Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and Cross-Cultural Workers (CCWs) began to sign up. But we only had one ReBoot Director in place (of the many needed). So, we prayed. More participants signed up and still no directors. So, we prayed and kept praying.

The Lord provided leaders for RE-VIEW!

Co-Directors and staff were still needed for Classic ReBoot and debriefers were needed for RE-VIEW, so we prayed. Programs began to fill. We continued praying and the Lord provided those directors, staff and debriefers.

We have prayed and God has answered!

God has provided the leaders, venues, and participants!

Continuing to Pray

Now we continue praying, trusting, and waiting expectantly for how He will work to transform hearts, begin healing and make Himself known to each participant as He meets them where they are at in their transition journey.

This week I have heard one of our teammates remind us in prayer that, “Unless the Lord builds the house (our programs) those who build it (us) labor in vain.” Psalm 127:1a

Only by abiding in Christ will there be fruit in our lives. Apart from Him we can do nothing! At MORE we believe this. We believe it is the Holy Spirit who works in us and in each staff and participant to transform us into His likeness.

“And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another.” 2 Cor. 3:18

We pray for:

  • consecration, that we would be holy; everything we look at, our words, our thoughts would come under the Lord’s authority for His glory.
  • relationships on each team
  • transformation of staff and participants
  • health for all coming to the programs and throughout.
  • healing, hope, renewal

Would you join us this summer to pray for our summer programs? Please sign up for daily prayer updates for one, multiple or all programs.

To join us at our MORE monthly prayer meeting please contact 

MORE Summer Programs 2022

July 2-8: Wilderness ReBoot

July 15-22: Classic ReBoot Alberta

August 6-13: Classic ReBoot Ontario

August 7-12: RE-VIEW West

Diane Fietje serves with the MORE Network as a part-time administrator and full-time MK champion. Diane, along with her husband Mike and their children, spent 20 years in Peru with a mission organization serving children at risk. Having experienced transition back to Canada, first Mike after growing up as a missionary kid in SE Asia, and then as a whole family returning from Peru, they know how hard it can be to readjust to life in North America and are delighted to be able to help others in similar circumstances.



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