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Do you have a neighbor, a friend in the workplace, or a fellow student who is a Muslim? If so, have you begun the conversation that will lead to a friendship that will afford you the opportunity to share the life-giving Gospel of Jesus Christ? If not, then we would like to offer you a resource that will equip you to both begin, as well as continue, the conversation that will help guide your Muslim friend in taking one step closer to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


At the end of last year our Network offered the Bridges course in an online format for the first time, and we had great response and attendance. Here are a few testimonies from some of the participants:

“The course was well presented and the final session, where two former Muslims shared their testimonies, was particularly inspiring.”

“The course was very informative and has given me some good information on how to better answer Muslims when I have discussions with them.  I would like to show this course for people in my church at some time when we have more freedom to meet.” (from a Pastor)

“I am going to miss our Tuesday nights! I will try to promote the Bridges course with pastors and Christians in my region.”

“I really enjoyed being able to be part of the course and I learned a lot. If you offer it again I will definitely share about it with friends who might be interested in taking the course.”

Bridges: Christians Connecting with Muslims

by Fouad Masri, Crescent Project

Bridges includes six sessions (one session per week) made up of prayer, discussion, video content, group response and action assignments. All of these components are meant to develop a better understanding of Islam and to give you the heart of an ambassador as you relate to your Muslim friends.  Each video session features real-life stories and interviews with former Muslims who have come to Christ, as well as practical teaching that will equip you to effectively engage your Muslim friends in spiritual conversations.

The course will be facilitated by teaching pastor Lane Davis, who will conduct a Q & A session after each Bridges video, as well as provide practical teaching to supplement the Bridges course.

Pastor Lane Davis is an avid ambassador for Jesus among Muslims, and serves as a Pastor with The Missionary Church International (TMCI), a U.S. based church planting network which is active in Africa and South America. Pastor Lane has been facilitating the Bridges course for a number of years in churches in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


The course will take place in a virtual format (via Zoom), once a week, for six consecutive weeks, with the duration of 120 minutes per session.

Dates: June 3,2021 - July 8, 2021

Time: 6:00-8:00 PM (PDT)


The Bridges course is offered free of charge.

The Companion Study Book pdf. version will be available for purchase by the participant directly with Crescent Project for US$7. Instructions on how to purchase the pdf. will be given upon receipt of the registration form.

To contribute towards the LMT Network administration costs that help make this training possible, please click below. A donation of $20 will help to cover these costs and enable us to keep offering resources like this to encourage you to engage with your Muslim neighbours.


Participants will receive a zoom link to the virtual course the day before the course starts.

Please click HERE to register.

***You are welcome to join the course at any week! ***





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