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At its foundation, Kairos is a discipleship course that invites participants to consider who they are, where they are, and how God has uniquely qualified them to join Him in His redemptive work--starting right where they are. 

Kairos covers four areas of God’s mission. The material reviews the overarching theme of scripture, tracing God’s redemptive mission from Genesis to the end of the age; looks briefly at the history of the mission of God from the end of the book of Acts until now; and then covers the cultural and strategic aspects of God’s mission in today’s world.  All the material is integrated together, so participants leave with more clarity on next steps and a good start on a plan of action. 

Kairos impacts at a heart level by combining video teaching with hands-on activities, devotions and prayer. Between sessions, participants invest in reading short selections from a wide variety of authors, reflecting on the material, and then processing what it means for their life in facilitated small group discussions. Kairos provides an environment for interaction and reflection, challenging participants toward tangible, ongoing action steps.

The Bible is a book about God on mission, and God has invited us, his people to join him.  We believe God’s amazing mission will impact our changing neighbourhoods through ordinary people faithfully finding ways to share the love of Jesus right where they are. 

Offered in over 60 countries, and 30 languages, stretching around the globe, Kairos is much more than a course – it’s a movement!

Navigate the intersections; find your place; realign with God. Take Kairos!



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