The Existential Identity Crisis of Millennials

Gordon Carkner /Thursday, December 3, 2020


The Existential Identity Crisis of Millennials: Kicking at the Darkness

Dr. Gordon E. Carkner opens this sensitive discussion of Millennial angst from a compassionate stance. As a father of a Millennial and a UBC campus support person with Graduate Christian Union and the Graduate & Faculty Christian Forum, he maps some of the concerns weighing down this generation. He also points to some hopeful ways forward and resources that give wise guidance. Bottom Line: Millennials need to reconnect with the moral and the transcendent to build a resilient, thick identity. Great discussion tool for recent university graduates and their parents.



Dr. Gordon E. Carkner, the Director of Graduate & Faculty Campus Ministries, along with his wife Ute love connecting with future global leaders within the graduate student university community. Through hospitality, biblical investigation, prayer and discussions of faith and academic studies, these students are drawn into kingdom concerns and introduced to God's powerful agape love. 



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