A Canadian Prayer for our American Neighbours on Election Day

Dr. Craig Kraft /Tuesday, November 3, 2020


Most of us at Outreach Canada have family and friends in the United States and closely follow American news.  The world has been watching this election cycle, and we offer our prayers.

A Canadian Prayer for our American Neighbours 


We praise you for who you are and for your engagement in our world.  You remain invisible, but your providence, protection, and provision are evident all around us.  We praise you for your sovereign power that supersedes all our earthbound political systems.  We praise you for your relentless pursuit of us as your children and your blessing upon all who follow you.

Many have prayed for days, months, and even years about this election, and we know that the choice of a nation's leader is important to you.  You work in and through our chosen leaders, and you call us to pray for them, support them, and respect them.  We take our elections seriously, and we commit the outcome to you.

We thank you for the privilege of living in a free and democratic society blessed with incredible resources and talent.  We also recognize our brokenness before you.  Many issues polarize us and divide us as individuals and as nations.  We know your desire for our unity, especially as followers of Jesus Christ.  We know that you have called your followers and your church to be one as you and your Father are one.  It is not easy, but we accept the challenge to love one another as you have loved us.

We pray for our brothers and sisters in America who are exercising their civic duty to speak out and vote for their nation's future.  America is a nation of great diversity.  Diverse people, backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and ideologies have made the country what it is today, a nation of great opportunity.

Because of the diversity, some will be exhilarated by these elections' results while others will be disheartened, disappointed, or dismayed.  Tomorrow will be a challenging day for many of our neighbors.

Father, we ask you to unite the nation in support of their newly elected leaders.  We pray that you will grant them the ability to serve with wisdom, courage, and integrity as they represent and govern the United States of America.  We pray that you will open these leaders' eyes and hearts to see the nation's greatest needs and set the right priorities for their government.  We pray that you will not allow the trivial to distract from the American people's significant and profound needs.

Father, we pray that you will bless each incumbent and newly elected leader.  We pray that they will be surrounded by wise and godly people who will provide sound counsel and encouragement.  We pray that they may know your hope, wisdom, and mighty strength as they govern.

We also pray that you will unite your churches in America to support each other and their nation.  That as churches, we will not allow the trivial to distract us from the significant and profound ministry to which you have called your church, to love one another, and be your witnesses.  Father, help us to speak and act with kindness and respect that reflect your glory in us, and help us show love to those with whom we disagree.

Father, we also pray for those who have campaigned hard but will not win.  Many good people have taken significant risks to present themselves for public office.  They have sacrificed much and were scrutinized thoroughly.  This may not be their time, but I pray that we will learn from them, their love of country, and commitment to their values. 

Father, as the votes are counted, we commit the results to you.  We pray for tomorrow's leaders, and we thank you for your sovereign hand and blessing on our neighbors, the United States of America.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

God Bless America!


Dr. Craig Kraft is the Executive Director of Outreach Canada. Craig and his wife Heather have four adult sons.  They were involved in pastoral ministry in western Canada for fifteen years before becoming missionaries with OC in southern Africa. Eventually, they moved back to Canada to lead the ministry here in Canada. Craig is a graduate of Northwest Baptist Seminary at ACTS and has recently completed his Doctor of Intercultural Studies degree at the Asia Graduate School of Theology.  His study has focused on diaspora missiology in Canada.  His dissertation explores the potential for revitalizing Canadian churches through the practice of biblical hospitality with refugees and immigrants. Craig loves to watch sports, work in the yard & spend time in the woods. He loves the opportunities he has to work with so many different people across Canada & the world. 





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