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Statistics Canada collects and disseminates thousands of pieces of information about the population within your community.

What is a Community Profile?

Outreach Canada's Community Profile is an in-depth, customized view of a community's demographic information.


This material is invaluable for ministry planners who want to effectively impact the people living in the neighbourhood around their church.

If you and your church are evaluating current ministries, looking ahead to potenital new ministries, wanting to develop a new evangelism strategy, or thinking about planting a church, this resource will help your church understand its community and help formulate effective action plans.

Our goal is to continuously improve our information base as additional data is released by Statistics Canada. We transfer their data to attractive information sheets, charts and graphs from which anyone can easily glean significant ministry-shaping information.

Key Benefits

  • Customizable target areas.
  • Strategic insight into your neighbourhood. 
  • In-depth statistics on families, ethnicity, language, immigration, income and much more.
  • Colourful charts and graphs included - 6 pages!


Community Profile for an established church - $275 plus shipping. (based on most recent Canadian census data*)

Formats available: PDF and hard copy.

Order Forms & Samples

PDF order form and Sample Community Profiles can be downloaded by clicking the links below.



*The 2016 Canadian Census is the most recent census data in Canada.



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