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DMM Team
February 28 2023


Outreach Canada is offering “Discovery Bible Study (DBS) Taster Groups” – an immersive experience with DBS so that you can experience first-hand this effective yet simple disciple-making tool.

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What is Discovery Bible Study?

A Discovery Bible Study small group is simple tool designed to embed the DNA of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. It can be a pair of friends, or as many as 6, 9, even 12 people. They form a small community focused on following Jesus and making disciples who make disciples. Disciple-making groups can meet anytime convenient and practical for two or more people.  

Key Aspects of a Discovery Bible Study Group:

  • A Discovery Bible Study Group meets regularly to follow a simple 7-question small group process.
  • Ordinary disciples of Jesus can use this to invite seekers to consider following Jesus.
  • For those already following Jesus, it helps them grow deeper in knowledge, obedience, and sharing, to make more disciples.
  • It even embeds into every community of disciples the core DNA of what it means to be a healthy church
  • The intention is that these groups of disciples can continue multiplying groups of disciples who further multiply groups of disciples. 

Taster Groups

Outreach Canada is offering "Taster Groups" for Discovery Bible Study (DBS), so that you can experience DBS for yourself!

These “Taster Groups” are offered regularly through Outreach Canada, as an immersive experience into one of the key practices of Disciple Making Movements. You will “feel” the principles of how to make disciples, leaders and churches that multiply. This is well-suited for those who want to jump into the action right away.


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