Fear of my Lord

Terry Mahoney
May 13 2020

Fear of My Lord

A poem by Terry Mahoney


My comforter yes. Yet I feel, I confess, a faint trace of disquietude in His presence.

Not because I doubt His love for me…but, rather, because I am certain of it.

And His love is at once tender and mild, yet ferocious and wild… because He, this man Jesus, is both Lamb of God, and Lion of Judah.

He is not only the “I AM” of the heavens, He is, Immanuel, God, very God … with me.

He calls me to Himself, by name, for He knows me in my innermost parts.

He stoops to meet me where I am … to lead me where I must go.

He descends to meet me in the depth of my iniquity then rises to release me from the bondage of my sin.

He comforts me in my melancholic shame – and restores the joy of my salvation.

He lifts me from the wallows of this world, but He lifts me to the altar.

He puts salve on my wounds yet He trains my hands for battle, trains my hands for war.

He is my rock, my deliverer, my shield, but He bids me not to cower in His shadow.

He urges me, rather, “stand”! And in my quivering hand, He places the sword of freedom, of justice, of truth….

…then, through the cacophony of confusion in my mind, I hear a rumbling thunderous cry;

“Come, follow Me, and storm the very gates of hell.”

A clammy fog of fear threatens to envelope my heart, yet my soul leaps within me.

I know that voice. I know that call. It rang out from heaven at the instant of my creation!

I can but kneel, and whisper, … My Lord!


This poem was written by Terry Mahoney, one of our chaplains from Corporate Chaplains.





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