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June 08 2020


The OC Global Alliance, of which Outreach Canada is a member, has established a special OCGA COVID-19 relief fund to help “majority world” missionaries as they serve internationally through this crisis. 

Over half of our Global Alliance missionaries are sent from majority world countries (not from the USA or Canada).  Many of our global partners are struggling today.  As churches and businesses close, many international missionaries are left without any resources.  One hundred percent of your donation to the OCGA COVID-19 Relief fund will be sent to the aid of our missionary partners.  These funds will not be used for the support of North American Missionaries. 

Please join us in helping our brothers and sisters who have sacrificed so much to be ambassadors for Jesus.

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Update May 21,2020

We are very grateful for each gift that has been given to our Covid relief fund. To date, over $16,000 USD has been contributed from three different countries and we have been able to direct 100% of the funds given in Canada to teams where it was greatly needed. The Pandemic has impacted our teams in different ways. Some teams have enough resources to see them through a few challenging months but in some situations, they operate with small budgets and their resources have been depleted. Our OCGA Relief fund was formed to assist some of our partners who are experiencing severe hardship due to the Coronavirus. These are the teams we have been able to assist:

Spain – We have provided assistance to missionaries who were sent from Latin America. Many of these missionaries lost their primary source of income when the churches in Brazil and Colombia were closed due to the Coronavirus. You have helped provide for these missionaries who have sacrificed everything to serve the people of Spain.

India – Our missionary partners in India are usually busy training pastors but right now they are assembling and distributing food packages. Our contribution has helped them provide packages to over 6,000 families. Each package will feed a family of six for fifteen days. Ronald says Thank you. Our generosity is going a long way toward meeting the needs of people who have been starving. Many people in India could die from hunger during this crisis.

Brazil – One of our largest global alliance partners is SEPAL Brazil. The Brazil team has forty two missionaries serving overseas. The pandemic has hit Brazil very hard in terms of both infections and economy. With many churches and businesses closed and a decline in the value of their currency, they have struggled to support their foreign workers. We provided an infusion of funds to help support several of the missionary families who are serving in Europe with no other sources of income.

Colombia – Our most recent relief contribution is on its way to our partners in Colombia. Our Colombia team is made of 29 members who are all Colombian. Most of those workers supplement their income by preaching in churches or running small businesses. All of the stores and churches have been closed for two months now and these missionaries are truly living by faith. They have shared stories of how God has miraculously provided for their needs as they continue to serve and provide for the people around them.

Our COVID Relief fund will remain open as long as the pandemic persists. We will continue to help our partners whenever we can. Thank you for joining us in serving others.

Update April 25, 2020

The OC Global Alliance (OCGA) is made up of over 1,100 missionaries serving around the world. The majority of these missionaries are not from the United States or Canada. They have been sent from Asia, Latin America, Africa and other locations. Many of these international missionaries have been impacted greatly by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Outreach Canada is partnering with our other OCGA teams to provide help.

India, we have sent over $1000 to assist with the feeding of individuals who have been rescued out of human trafficking situations, and the missionaries that work with them. The support is carefully distributed through our OCGA partners. Under normal circumstances this ministry is funded through local business opportunities. Today those businesses remain closed due to the pandemic. Our contribution so far has been a small drop in a big bucket. We hope to provide more help for this critical need.

Spain, Many of our OCGA missionaries in Spain have been sent from Latin American countries where missionary support has slowed to a trickle because of the COVID crisis and the economic consequences of the pandemic. We have sent over $2,000 to assist some of the missionaries with the greatest financial needs. The funds are sent and distributed through our OCGA partners.

We are becoming aware of other needs in Europe and in countries that can not be named here. We have lost associates to the virus in some locations. Our partners are assessing the local needs and providing all that they can to help non-western missionary families who have nowhere else to turn. Your gift of any amount will help us provide immediate and temporary relief for a missionaries in crisis.

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