OC Blog Digest: From Blueberry Honey to Global Impact

Outreach Canada
May 30 2024

This month the OC Digest highlights how a church asking the right questions can have an big impact whether that is close to home or far away.

In this OC Digest you will find: 

  • a recent article about our own Don Klaassen and the journey his church took with their First Nation neighbours
  • three questions any church can and should be asking
  • Craig Kraft provides some background on our partner the OC Global Alliance

A Reconciling Journey

After months of listening to speakers, watching films and reading books that helped us understand why so many obstacles stood in the way of trusting relationships with the first peoples of our neighbourhood, Don's church was invited to journey with them.

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a smiling family3 Stats Every Church Should Know about their Community

How can your church better understand & serve your community?
Here are 3 stats we believe every church should know about their neighbourhood, to help understand the community and take next steps like:

  • evaluate current ministries
  • explore potential new ministries
  • develop new strategies to share the Gospel
  • think about planting a new church

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Map of world using Flags Our Global Impact

This is the third blog from Craig Kraft to help introduce the OC Global Alliance. The first blog focused on our roots, the second on the OCGA’s global ministries, and this article will shed light specifically on Outreach Canada’s missional involvement and impact outside of Canada. For various reasons, I am unable to share all our global engagements, but what I can share is pretty exciting. 

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