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November 16 2023


A Time of Loneliness & Transition

Hearing James admit he feels lonely is what troubles us the most. A strong young man who is capable, full of life experiences (many of us would dream of) and a future full of potential, yet seemingly without direction. 

Can you imagine feeling so alone and uprooted you don’t know which way to turn? 

For many Cross-Cultural Workers (CCWs) and Missionary Kids (MKs), returning back to Canada is the hardest transition they will make. Young men like James often feel as if they’re being transplanted from one place and culture to the next and struggle to know what step to take next. 

Growing Deeper Roots

We invite you to join us in helping MKs like James and their families grow their roots down deeper into the right soil.

“So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.” - Colossians 2: 6–7  

Right now, there are nearly 70 MKs & CCWs, preparing to enter new life seasons, who are looking to the MORE Network to assist them. Whether it’s for Home Assignment in Canada or re-entry for post-secondary school or a new ministry, there’s a real need to provide the support and resources to help soften the transition and set them up for success.  

Without access to re-entry retreats, mental health resources, and a member care community, these individuals and families could be left to struggle alone, disconnected from the kind of community that provides flourishing and spiritual fullness in Christ. Their next seasons will be a struggle without the help of compassionate friends like you.  

A Network of Support

Thankfully, God has given the MORE Network team the capacity to offer 3 re-entry retreats this next year – RE-VIEW, Classic ReBoot & Wilderness ReBoot - as well as a full staff and a referral list of Mental Health Professionals to support each one with resources and member care.

What’s more, generous donors have offered a limited-time $25,000 match! But to fulfill that match and reach our goal of $50,000 (the remaining costs to provide these resources to MKs and their families next year), we need the support of generous and compassionate people like you. People who understand the tension of transitioning from one place to another. People who know the worth of being connected to a community to thrive in Christ.  

Your Gift Doubled for Impact

Your gift of $50, $100, or more, will be DOUBLED by matching donors to give twice as many MKs or CCWs the opportunity to attend a re-entry retreat this next year - so they can be deeply rooted in community.  

Just imagine the stories they’ll share when they’ve had the opportunity to debrief with others, share their stories, and take steps toward healing and connection.  

When you consider your giving over this Christmas season, you’ll feel good knowing that families like James’ can access the support and resources they need to grieve losses, heal broken roots, and plant themselves in community. One in which they can find belonging, learn the skills needed to thrive in transition, and build relationships that will last a lifetime! 

We invite you to join us during this season of generosity so that, together, we can give MKs and their families the opportunities to experience a richer soil in Christ and broaden their branches amongst community.

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MORE Network, a ministry of Outreach Canada, exists to bolster, strengthen, and encourage Canadian Missionaries and their children in times of transition. MORE Network facilitates care for singles, couples, and families, particularly as they repatriate from the cross-cultural assignment, and facilitates the resourcing of member care support staff.

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