The Human Rights Dilemma

Dr. Gordon E. Carkner
September 14 2023


Human Rights is a pertinent issue these days around the globe. People's lives and livelihood depend on the maintenance of a universal ethic of respect and benevolence. Dr. Gordon E. Carkner draws on the insightful work of Christian Smith at Notre Dame to unpack the issues. Can we sustain the good without God or religious motivation and warrant? That is the million-dollar question, worthy of further discussion and debate. Smith believes that atheists who believe in humanism or human rights are overreaching based on their metaphysical convictions. What do you think?

Dr. Gordon E. Carkner, the Director of Graduate & Faculty Campus Ministries, along with his wife Ute love connecting with future global leaders within the graduate student university community. Through hospitality, biblical investigation, prayer and discussions of faith and academic studies, these students are drawn into kingdom concerns and introduced to God's powerful agape love. 

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