Diaspora Ministries: What Do We Do?

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March 13 2023

Diaspora Ministries at Outreach Canada focuses on:

  • Offering the Kairos Course and other Simply Mobilizing courses (in 7 languages) to help alert and mobilize local churches to the cross-cultural opportunities all around. 
  • Coordinating the Loving Muslims Together network with a focus on equipping Christ-followers to welcome, love and thoughtfully interact with Muslims in Canada.
  • Working with established diaspora churches to help them bridge to nearby least-reached cultural groups in word and deed.
  • Working collaboratively with others to research and understand the fruitful practices of churches in Canada in engaging across cultures.
  • Providing Storyweavers Training to Christians who want to learn how to weave scripture into conversations.
  • Sharing how to access scripture resources in all available languages.
  • Helping convene conversations to bridge Christian communities together across cultures
  • Mobilizing prayer for the least-reached in Canadian cities by providing specific and helpful information

There’s already lots happening, but there’s lots more that could happen! If you are a diaspora ministry practitioner looking for greater fruitfulness in a supportive team environment, please contact us at diaspora@outreach.ca to explore whether Outreach Canada’s Diaspora Ministries Team is the right fit for you.

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