Collaborate through 24:14

Jon Luesink
February 13 2023


As we connect and communicate through a secure and flexible relational network across the country, we will be able to see where we need to work together next to help reverse the disciple-making crisis in our post-Christian nation. Our goal is to see at least one person trained, coached and pursuing Disciple Making Movement principles and practice in each of the 338 Federal Electoral Districts by 2025. 

During an online gathering in fall 2022 for DMM practitioners in British Columbia, we gauged that almost 31 of our 41 Federal Electoral Districts already had someone labouring towards these ends. Some of them are newbies, some of them have been working five years or more. It seems the Holy Spirit has been igniting saints with a holy discontent for the status quo, and they’ve been taking steps with immediate and radical obedience to break out of the safe traditions of their heritage to make discipes who know, obey and share the commands of Christ. 

We know that in most of Canada, Evangelicalism is in steep decline. In 1996 we were 12% of the population; by 2015 we were 9%, and in 2020 we had fallen to 6%. Estimates after COVID are pegging the decline now to have reached 3% of the population who still believe that the Gospel of Jesus is something to be obeyed and shared with those who haven’t heard.  

By working together, we can catalyze the soft reformation that is needed to turn the tide. The paradigm shift expressed in the simple and flexible principles of CPM/DMM could make a huge difference as they call us back to the simplicity of the Greatest Commandments and the Great Commission. Shall we collaborate to expand into the white spots on the map, to find, train and launch the next generations of disciples who will make disciples? 

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