Communicate within 24:14

Jon Luesink
February 13 2023


Since you started your first DMM training, you’ve likely been connecting regularly with a coach to help you start putting the basics into practice. To help each new context “crack the code” of how to guard the principles, employ the strategic tools, and customize their tactical use, it helps to be able to consult with other people swimming in the same waters. 

Brave pioneers and early adaptors have been working to help reverse the disciple-making crisis in Canada through the use of DMM for a decade or more. At the start, many of them felt like “lonely Elijah’s” in the great white north. We’re working to build a relational network across Canada of “peer coaches” who can pray together and spur one another one. 

Many of us use the familiar “3-3rds” format which is pictured below. You’ll recognize the rhythm that forms the basis of a Discovery Bible Study, or even a 3-3rds simple church meeting format from Zúme Training. We use it for this familiarity, because it’s easy to reproduce, and even better, it works! 

From veteran practitioners, we learned to use the 4-Eyes (Issue, Impact, Ideal, Intention) peer coaching process to examine “stuckages” in our particular contexts. Even if one person is in the hot seat, everyone comes away hearing from the Spirit with action steps and an “I will” statement that we follow up on. Want to try it out? Get connected to the network in your neck of the woods by emailing:

Or, if you'd like to learn more, visit:

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