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Jon Luesink
February 03 2023


So, you’ve started putting into practice the principles of Disciple Making Movements (DMM). What’s next? It’s likely that your coach has already passed along the wisdom that's been passed along from "7 Lessons in 7 Years”  

  1. If we take care of the depth of our ministry, God takes care of the breadth. 

  1. Pour deeply into the few who will obey no matter what the cost. 

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get better at it. 

  1. Obey and train others. 

  1. Simple things grow, simple things multiply. Complex things do not. 

  1. It’s always relational before it’s organizational. 

  1. We must all connect, communicate, and collaborate. 

In each new culture and context, seeing “rapid” multiplication through the practice of Church Planting Movement (CPM) principles usually takes 5-7 years of failing forward, until by maybe year 10 things really began to roll. That’s not what we’ve come to expect when we hear “church planting” in North America which loves “silver bullets” and “short cuts to success” built by solo-hero-pioneers. DMM is anything but that. 

The path is arduous. You’ll need to pray more than you ever have in your life. You’ll need more support and encouragement than you’d like to admit. Thankfully, there’s a growing network of labourers ready to engage the 3C’s: Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate. There’s always someone a few steps ahead who can help, and then you can pay it forward to someone else who’s just a few steps behind you. 

These DMM practitioners gather together through the informal relational networks of 24:14, regionally and globally. At Outreach Canada, we highly recommend that you get connected.

Connect with the 24:14 Network in Canada

To connect with the 24:14 network in Canada, email:

Or, if you'd like to learn more, visit: 




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