Training Radical Leaders

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January 07 2023

Multiplying Missional Leaders Like Jesus -- EVEN if you have never led a group before
Don't know how to lead a group? Want a step-by-step plan that's PRACTICAL? Need a strategy for training leaders that your leaders will copy with others? Ever wish you could lead like Jesus did?

Leadership is a huge need in the missional church today. The problem? Most groups are following business models rather than the method Jesus gave us. The secret to effective leadership is following the greatest leader of all time -- Jesus.

In this guide, Training Radical Leaders, you'll get a ten-week blueprint that actually works. Unlike other studies that describe what leadership is, you'll discover the strategy Jesus used and uses to make leaders and specific steps you can do today.

Many believers think that leaders are born and not made, but Jesus' example with a ragamuffin band of disciples proves otherwise. You should NEVER feel you can't be a good leader. Jesus lives in you and will help you lead, if you will depend on Him and follow His method. What you need is a process that shows you how to train leaders quickly, while giving them the tools to raise up other leaders. That's how you can make a real difference in the world.

Follow the Ten-Step Process for Training Leaders
Training Radical Leaders details a step-by-step approach for training passionate, spiritual leaders. The best part? Your leadership ability will grow as you depend on Christ and train others to be leaders.

You'll learn how to:

  1. Follow Jesus' strategy to reach the world
  2. Train leaders the way Jesus trained the disciples
  3. Discover your leadership personality style
  4. Lead people with a different personality than yours
  5. Start a disciple group with multiplication built in its DNA
  6. Develop a "Jesus Plan" for your group based on Luke 10

You can train spiritual leaders! Just follow this blueprint and you'll learn a proven system for training leaders.

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