A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Al & Mia McKay
October 06 2022


How many times in your life has someone said to you, “Just take a breath!” As you prepare for and participate in Thanksgiving activities, may you be aware of God’s presence.

Lord God, you are the one who gives us each breath. On average, 22 000 of them every day. And we don’t actually ‘take’ a breath. By your grace and through your creation, we receive each one. How amazing our human body is!

You, Creator, grant us breath.

You, Creator, give us life.

As the days get busy and I feel frantic or rushed, help me to remember you and your generous gift. May I feel grateful for each love-filled, life-giving breath I take into my body.  May I use my energy, my hands, my heart to honour you.

Thank you, Creator God, for your gifts of love and life … and breath.   

This prayer was written by Al McKay, a Chaplain, in collaboration with Mia McKay. Al's favourite part of his work is seeing Jesus in unfamiliar places of the Downtown East side in Vancouver. 

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