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September 01 2022


The Graduate & Faculty Christian Forum at UBC is hosting the upcoming lectures:

How Should Christians Think About Politics?

When: October 25, 2022

Who: Daniel K. Williams, Professor of History, University of West Georgia.                           

What: Does it matter how Christians think about political proposals that touch on moral issues such as poverty relief, racial justice, immigration, abortion, marriage, sexuality, and other matters that relate to biblical principles and human dignity?  What happens when Christians disagree with each other on these issues?  Is one political position or political party more “Christian” than another?  In this session, Dr. Williams will explore the recent history of Christian political activity and the reasons why political disagreements among Christians have become more heated lately.  He will then look at some ways to transcend partisan thinking and pursue Christian principles in the political sphere that should challenge those on both the left and the right.

Where: Online, Zoom Link to Be Announced.

C.S. Lewis on Appearance and Reality in the Christian Life

When: January 26, 2023

Who: Dr. Michael Ward, Black Friars, Oxford                                                                         

What: C. S. Lewis knew well that Christians walk “by faith, not sight”, as the apostle Paul puts it (2 Corinthians 5:7).  But what is the difference between faith and sight?  How does faith differ from delusion?  Michael Ward will explore these themes as they are presented in Lewis’s writings, especially his fiction, and in particular his best-known works, the seven Chronicles of Narnia.

Where: Online, Zoom Link to Be Announced.

The Land Keeps the Score: Violence in Creation According to the Old Testament

When: Tuesday, March 14 @ 4 PM

Who: Dr. Matthew Lynch, Old Testament Professor @ Regent College

What: Most scholarly and popular treatments of violence in the Old Testament focus on social or personal dimensions of violence and its impact. Similarly, contemporary Christian attempts to grapple with the challenges of violence in Scripture often focus on the ethics of human-on-human or divine-on-human violence. While important, these approaches fail to address the Old Testament’s emphasis on the land as a victim of human violence. According to the Old Testament, the land bears the marks of violence because violence is, fundamentally, an ecocidal phenomenon. This talk explores this reality in Scripture and its implications for contemporary ethical reflection. 

Where: Online, Zoom Link to Be Announced.

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