6 Prayer Resources for Christians during Ramadan

Cristina Boersma
March 03 2023


*This is an excerpt from "Pray, Learn, Engage: A Journey for Christians during Ramadan". It was originally published in March 2022, and has been updated to include the most up-to-date information, links and resources for 2023

Why do we pray for Muslims during Ramadan?

During the month of Ramadan Muslims pray harder and fast, seeking Allah’s favor and the purification of their sins, though they are never sure if they have been forgiven or if what they have done is ever enough. Muslims everywhere are seeking God’s approval through a system of works, and yet, they don’t have assurance of their salvation and forgiveness.

Does that break your heart? It breaks mine, and it makes me cry out to our Father, who has made a way for us to come to Him, because our efforts are not and will never be enough to earn His love for us. Muslims need to know that their efforts are not enough indeed, and that because of that, Jesus came and did what had to be done on the cross, so that they too could be forgiven and given access to God.

6 Prayer Opportunites for Christians during Ramadan

1. 30 Days of Prayer for Muslims in Canada

Loving Muslims Together has put together the 30 Days of Prayer for Muslims in Canada, a daily prayer booklet with a short introduction and prayer point that focuses on the real needs of your Muslim neighbours in Canada.

2. 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World

30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World 2023 (From the World Prayer Guides website) is a prayer booklet featuring 30 days of stories, images and prayer ideas. Here you’ll find the ‘Just for Kids’ PDF 2023 editionexclusively for children to engage in prayer for Muslims during Ramadan! It’s a free resource

“For 30 years, 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World has been producing inspirational, educational prayer guides that help Christians all over the world to pray for Muslims with love and insight during the month of Ramadan. And these last three decades have seen more churches planted in Muslim communities than in the three centuries before! “

3. 30 Days of Prayer

30 Days of Prayer has also put together great prayer guide materials for praying for Muslims in the world during Ramadan that you can access online via web, pdf, app and print.

4. Prayercast

Prayercast offers powerful videos featuring former Muslims leading you in prayer during Ramadan for specific and strategic needs within the Muslim world.

5. Loving Muslims Together Events

Loving Muslims Together Events – here you can find information about Night of Power prayer meetings held online across Canada towards the end of Ramadan. Join one and pray with others for light to shine in the darkness.

6. Pray for a Mosque Community

Pray for a Mosque Community - When Ramadan comes to an end, your prayers don’t have to. One of the opportunities that is available year-round is to pray for the mosque community nearest you. Wouldn’t it be amazing if God raised up people and churches to pray for every mosque in Canada? If you want to know more about this initiative check out Pray for a Mosque Community or contact us at info@lmtn.ca.

For more ideas to learn & engage during this season of Ramadan, check out "Pray, Learn, Engage: A Journey for Christians during Ramadan".

As the National Coordinator for Loving Muslims Together, Cristina serves as the administrative hub for the Canadian Leadership Team and the larger Canada-wide network. She has experience in office administration, newcomers settlement and international students admission. Cristina’s caring and enthusiastic personality, cross-cultural experiences and evangelistic heart for the unreached Muslims are great assets to the Outreach Canada team. 

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