Re-thinking our Myth of the Secular

Gordon Carkner
March 07 2022

Re-thinking our Myth of the Secular



Many people seem to be hungry for fresh perspectives on the current Western cultural ethos. Dr. Gordon E. Carkner argues that we need to urgently rethink our view of the 'secular'.

In this video, he reveals something quite astonishing in the work of eminent Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor. Do you agree? At stake is a more complex and creative discussion of the secular that opens the imagination to dialogue and discovery--even new language. Taylor points out that many of our common assumptions about the relationship between science and secularity are shown to be quite faulty--including bad leaps of faith. His critical analysis of the Immanent Frame, which heavily influences the social imaginary of contemporary Western thought, is a brilliant contribution.

Dr. Carkner also offers a helpful comparison between Taylor's idea of a Closed versus an Open Immanent Frame. This webinar gives insights that could well alter your outlook on the world in which we seek our freedom, identity and meaning--our flourishing. The articulate grasp of some of these concepts makes a world of difference.

Dr. Gordon E. Carkner, the Director of Graduate & Faculty Campus Ministries, along with his wife Ute love connecting with future global leaders within the graduate student university community. Through hospitality, biblical investigation, prayer and discussions of faith and academic studies, these students are drawn into kingdom concerns and introduced to God's powerful agape love. 

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