Ready To Try Something New? Why you need a Chaplain…

Chris Morris
November 14 2022


Jessica is the youngish CEO of a Vancouver Tech startup. 

She is keen to hire the right people to help her growing business.  She is driven by a deep desire to succeed in the constantly turbulent world of Vangroovy Hi-tech. 

Her 80 employees are her most important resource, but also her greatest vulnerability since they are overwhelming rootless young people from out of town.  The head-hunters and recruiters are actively trying to entice these skilled workers to greener fields down the street. 

The pandemic has been especially hard on her team.  A few got sick and recovered, but depression and anxiety seemed to be the real virus spreading like wildfire through the company.  With everyone siloed in their home apartments, the mental health of her workforce dropped, even as demand for their product increased.  A few programmers failed to keep up and had to be let go.  This bothered Jessica because she knew that they could have made it if they had a little extra support. 

Now that she is asking people to come back into the office to work, she believes she may lose some more of her people who developed a preference to work from home. 

How can she support her people, reduce turnover and protect her bottom line? 

How can she grow her company when local conditions and world events threaten to take chunks out of her business every day? 

How can she continue to succeed?  

Jessica needs a workplace chaplaincy program. 


Alan is the president of a family-owned manufacturing business. 

He inherited the company from his father and was quick to apply many of the approaches he learned in business school. The company has grown 5-fold since he took over, so he is enjoying the new problems that successes brings.  The biggest change for Alan has been adapting the corporate culture from a small family operation, where everyone knew each other well, to a 400 member team. 

One of the values his father instilled was that work should give ‘more than a paycheque’.  As a churchgoer, Alan believes his people are more than labourers who complete tasks in return for a dollar.  He believes they are filled with hopes and dreams.  Alan wishes that working for him would make a bigger positive impact for the employees, their families, and their futures. “I want my people to win at life, not just do their jobs right,” he says.

One of the biggest challenges has been the diversity of his workforce.  There are many new Canadians on the shop floor, representing 15 different national origins. He misses the family feel the company had before all the growth, when everyone knew each other by name.

How can he build more camaraderie and togetherness among so many people? 

How can he live out his core values by providing meaningful work and ‘more than a paycheque’? 

Alan needs a multi-lingual workplace chaplaincy program.


Jerry is in the numbers game. 

As the CFO for a nation-wide retailer, he sees everything happening in real-time on his screen.  The numbers are not good right now.  The pandemic has crushed store-front retail, but there is hope on the horizon.

As he is planning for the post-pandemic store re-openings the numbers are showing him a brand-new problem.  

Many of his older employees will not be coming back to work full-time.  Many of the younger people he could hire have no experience or skills. He needs to invest in employee training and retention at an unprecedented level.  It is an expensive proposition. 

And the numbers show that the under 40s, the Millennials, are difficult to recruit, train and retain.  They simply are motivated by different things than his generation, and they talk about their feelings, like, all the time! 

It is time to try something new. Alan is ready to invest in a new way to support his workers towards success, but it can’t be too expensive. 

What is a good investment when resources are so tight? 

How will he overcome the ‘millennial problem’ and have employees who succeed and stay on? 

How can he get the numbers moving in the right direction? 

Jerry needs a low-cost chaplaincy program from Corporate Chaplains Canada.

Corporate Chaplains Canada

Interested in what a workplace chaplaincy program could add to your organization? We’d love to talk to you! Please visit Corporate Chaplains Canada for more information!

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