Sy Garte - UBC GFCF Lecture

Gordon Carkner
October 12 2020


For the benefit of you and your friends and family, here is the Sy Garte lecture from Thursday, October 1, 2020. You can also find it on the UBC Graduate & Faculty Christian Forum website. Thanks for your prayers for this venture, which included TWU and Regent. People found it quite helpful, especially the scientists.

Sy Garte is a highly informed individual by my estimate and well worth listening to and reading his book (The Work of His Hands). He was great in the question period; don't miss that part. He is a sound and lively witness for a thoughtful, reflective faith in both science and God. He also edits, together with his wife, a journal "God & Nature."

-Gord Carkner

A Sense of Wonder: the Long Journey of a Scientist to Faith


Raised as an enthusiastic atheist and trained as a top biochemist, Dr. Garte began to question materialistic naturalism at one point in his career. This was sparked by his study of quantum physics and molecular biology: for example, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, the observer effect, and quantum entanglement, the complexity of biochemical systems such as protein synthesis, photosynthesis and abiogenesis. These scientific findings made him question the pure materialism outlook: he began to wonder about the God question, and it was science itself that guided him forward. 


Sy (Seymour) Garte, PhD in biochemistry, has been a tenured professor at New York University, Rutgers University, and the University of Pittsburgh, Division Director at the Center for Scientific Review of the National Institutes of Health, and interim vice president for research at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. He has published over two hundred peer-reviewed scientific papers and four books. He has also published articles in Perspectives in Science and Christian Faith and is the editor-in-chief of God and Nature. His faith journey is published inThe Works of His Hands (2019, Kregel).

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