OC Tech Services
January 15 2023


Information matters.

Outreach Canada research can provide the information you need to make informed decisions and to be better equipped to make disciples and serve your community. 

Does your church have questions about your community or neighbourhood? Do you know you need more info about your community, but you are not sure what questions to ask or where to find information?

Outreach Canada can help!

Our Research Department specializes in Community Profiling & Thematic Mapping. We can help you find out information about your community, so you can be better equipped to minister in the neighbourhood or city God has placed you!

Thematic Mapping

For a church planter, pastor or denominational leader, a thematic map transforms raw data into something they can grasp, discuss, dream and plan around.

Community Profile

Up to 60 page in-depth, customized report profiling a community’s statistical information with maps, tables, charts and graphs. 

Interested in more information on Community Profiles? Check out: Community Profile

Next Steps

Please reach our for more information, or to have a conversation about how we can help.


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