Outreach Canada Ministries - Executive Director


Praying for a new Executive Director

We expect that Outreach Canada will continue to grow and thrive in the years to come. Our ministry has not been built on the strength and talent of one person but rather a team. We have an outstanding leadership team. God has built this ministry, and His Spirit has led us through every positive development and movement from day one. What makes our leadership team great is their humility and commitment to prayer. These are the cornerstones of OC. None of our leaders have ever sought to create a position or platform for themselves, but rather, we have seen this as a place where God works through us to accomplish his purposes.

Rallying Christian community to recognize opportunities and respond with innovation. We want to see Canada transformed by Jesus.

At our spring 2023 nation staff retreat we affirmed the following non-negotiable principles going forward:

  • The Kingdom of God is our primary focus, 
  • Health of our Families must be maintained, 
  • Making Disciple-makers is our task, 
  • Serving the Church is our mandate, 
  • Innovation is valued, 
  • Collaboration is required, 
  • Transparency must reveal our Lord.
Would you join with our prayer for God's provision, leading and wisdom as we search for a new Executive Director for Outreach Canada Ministries? 

If you have questions about the position or the process, please use the contact form to send our search team a quick note.