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Next Steps: Corporate Chaplains


Supporting business owners, management and employees as they face life’s realities at work and home.

Face to Face Care

People are the most important resource in any organization – and often the most challenging. Corporate Chaplains Canada can positively impact business culture by supporting HR in providing personalized care for people at times of greatest need. Our chaplains provide weekly on-site visits and confidential 24-hour crisis care.

Why a Chaplain?

Regular weekly visits build genuine caring relationships. By investing in their employees, our clients have seen improved morale, reduced work-place conflict, reduced personal and professional stress, reduced turnover, improved focus and productivity.

Expanding your Care

Our qualified and uniquely skilled chaplains will assist your pursuit of professional excellence by building trusting relationships with staff and management, coaching employees toward



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@ our Doorstep

Corporate Chaplain

At Our Doorstep

We often think of missions as being to the "ends of the earth," but Jesus commissioned his followers to be his witnesses, starting in Jerusalem, right where they were. As followers of Jesus, we are called to do the same thing.

There is a mission field at our doorstep. We encounter people every day who do not know Jesus. And today, like at no other time in history, immigration has also brought the ends of the earth right into our neighborhood. My next-door neighbors are from another country, culture, and language group.

Now I can be a missionary without leaving my street.




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