Loving Muslims Together: Inspiring Testimonies

Wednesday, March 1, 2023


Date / March 25, 2023 (Saturday)

Location / Online / From 7-8:30PM (ET)

You are invited to hear the testimony of a Christian man of Muslim background from Afghanistan who has recently arrived in Canada with his family as refugees.

“Adib was forced under threat of arrest to leave his home in Afghanistan due to his faith in Jesus. After arriving in India, Adib worked with Obed and Ahmad in leading the Afghan Church in New Delhi until they came to Canada. They are now reunited again and serve the Afghan Church in Canada together.” (Jesus Network)

We invite you to attend this 90 minute webinar, including Q&A and a time of prayer.


This webinar is free of charge.

To contribute towards the LMT Network administration costs that help make this training and many more possible, please click HERE. A donation of $20 will help to cover these costs and enable us to keep offering resources like this to encourage you to engage with your Muslim neighbours.


If you are interested in attending the webinar please click HERE to register.

You will receive the link to join the webinar upon receipt of your registration form.

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