Serving the Church in Canada

Churches all across Canada are facing many challenges. 

Declining attendance. Lack of engagement. Loss of focus. Unresolved negative conflict. The list can be overwhelming.

But there is hope. At Outreach Canada we believe every church matters, regardless of size, style, or denominational stripe.
Healthy, growing, and disciple-making churches transform individuals, families, communities and ultimately impact all of society.
The Church in Canada Team serves as a “tactical” and attentive resource to the Canadian church, working to improve both its health and effectiveness in 
making disciples of Jesus Christ.
We serve the church and its leaders by providing coaching and training services in areas such as these:  
· Refocusing vision and strategic planning
· Renewing discipleship and spiritual formation priorities
· Fostering a missional culture
· Resourcing transitional ministry
· Building team and board unity and effectiveness
· Navigating conflict and fostering reconciliation
· Enhancing intercultural awareness