Current Annual Report for Outreach Canada

Download the PDF file of the Outreach Canada 2022 Annual Report to print or view at your convenience.  

Outreach Canada launched into 2022 with renewed hope and excitement. Like adventurers setting out on a journey, the restraints of the pandemic were fading away in the rear-view mirror and the future looked bright on the path before us.

OC’s family of ministries is growing and healthy. We are still growing as a ministry team. We added new staff to several of our teams in the last year, and we launched a new Disciple Multiplying Movements team toward the end of the year. We had one hundred and twelve staff engaged in ministry in Canada last year and twenty-nine global associates we help support internationally. OC has seen 178% growth in the past ten years. Our networks are growing as well. We continue to add new ministry partners to the MORE network, Loving Muslims Together Network, Diaspora Ministries, and in all of our other areas of ministry. We helped start one hundred and eighty discovery Bible studies in six Asian countries last year. We are excited to see great potential for future growth.

Our family and finances are strong. We have a great team of ministry and support personnel at OC who work well together and feel like we are a second family. Our Staff are considered experts in their fields of ministry, and we are recognized across Canada for our servant leadership in many areas. Our finances are stable. Fundraising is always a challenge, and we anticipate that it will be more challenging in years to come, but the Lord has blessed us with a great team of supporters that include foundations, businesses, churches, and hundreds of individuals. We are also blessed to own our office space, a great investment that continues to appreciate.

OC encountered a significant new obstacle in our path in November when our Executive Director, Craig Kraft, accepted a call to a new position in our Global Alliance. We spent the closing months of 2022 developing a succession plan for our Executive Director. Craig has served us well for 15 years and we have formed a Leader-SHIFT Team to guide us through this next season of change. Craig has been gradually shifting to his new role as the Director for Global Collaboration for the OC Global Alliance and his transition will be complete by the end of 2023.

We continue to follow the Lord’s leading as we determine our course for the future. We are a team of missionaries serving in the complex demographics of a post-Christian nation. Our ministries are tied to our vision of serving the Canadian church and making disciples of Jesus. We desire to see Canadians discipled to follow and serve Jesus in their homes, workplaces, and communities. Our times are changing and our ministry has changed a lot in the past decades, but we remain faithful to God’s calling and the Holy Spirit’s guidance as we stay the course for discipling our nation. Thank you for partnering with us in this journey. Your prayers and financial support provide the fuel and the foundation for OC to serve well.