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New Life in the Church

Monday, July 15, 2019
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How do we get unstuck? To move a car in icy conditions it doesn't matter how much power you have if you don't have traction. Similarly, when our churches get "stuck" (plateaued, discouraged, lost), we have numerous directions to turn for power; prayer, God's word, denominational resources, books, seminars, etc., but how do we maintain traction? In this book, Kraft draws upon his experience as pastor, missionary and church health coach to tell the story of one church's struggle to get unstuck. Through a process of assessment and discovery, the pastor and congregation are able to cast a new vision for their future. Traction comes when the congregation shares ownership in the vision. The second section of the book offers practical tools and suggestions to help pastors and churches to get "unstuck."

Rev. Craig Kraft has the unique experience of being a third generation pastor.  In addition to his early observations in life as a "PK", Craig has also served as youth, associate and senior pastor in five different churches. After pastoring for fourteen years in Canada, Craig joined Outreach Canada where he has served as church health coach in Canada and Southern Africa since 2003.

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  • Author: Craig Kraft
  • ISBN: Publisher: Outreach Canada Ministries