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the MORE Network

Wilderness ReBoot Director

Ben’s deep love for God is evident in his caring for missionaries and their children. Ben’s childhood in Thailand and adult service as a missionary with his family to Kyrgyzstan has served him well in understanding MK’s, cross-cultural workers, and how impactful transitions can be in their lives.

Ben and his wife Marlene have been in missionary life for 32 years. In chapter one they served in Kyrgyzstan for 10 years involved in E.S.L teaching and training, leadership development, sharing Christ’s love in the community and leading a church planting team.

In chapter 2 he moved his family back to Canada just before 9-11-2001 and joined their organization’s home office in Canada. He served as Placement manager and Member Care manager and did spiritual direction, prayer ministry, and debriefing ministry with field workers.

This current chapter has Ben serving as a care worker with the “MORE network” in Canada underneath Outreach Canada. This includes spiritual direction/pastoral care within the overseas worker community. He loves prayer ministry and offers re-entry debriefing for overseas workers coming back to Canada. He is a trained peer responder to “critical incidents” involving trauma. He has taught at field conferences on “personal resilience” as well as “team resilience”.

Ben speaks two languages of “Central Asia”, and loves hiking in the great outdoors, loves running, and swimming and biking. He plays the Komuz from Central Asia and loves cultural music and learning about world culture. Ben and Marlene are celebrating their thirty third wedding anniversary in 2022 and have three adult children. They are enjoying being first time grandparents. 


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