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Diaspora Scripture Engagement

After ten years of involvement in ministry in Oaxaca, Mexico with Wycliffe & SIL, Deb & Ramón joined Outreach Canada in 2021 bringing their skills and experience to serve existing diaspora ministries in the Greater Toronto Area, and across Canada. Their vision is to collaborate with these local ministries to support more effective use and access to Scriptures and other resources in the minority languages of homeland communities of immigrants. As they remain collaboratively engaged with the SIL North Americas and the SIL Global Diaspora Team, the work of the Padillas will benefit multiple ministries as they seek to serve the growing diaspora reality in our neighbourhoods. Through networking with front-line diaspora ministries and churches, Ramón seeks to understand the various contexts and help connect and foster collaboration of resources and ministries for Scripture Engagement to flourish among diaspora communities.


10/26/2021 10:34:14 PM